15 Beautiful Grow-In-Shade Perennial Plants

by Sasha Ridley

    If you are looking for plants that thrive in shade all year round, this post is right up your street. It shows 15 beautiful grow-in-shade perennial plants for your garden. Some of them even bloom gorgeously, then will surely be striking in your garden. Some even work well in many borders, create a charming scene for home. If your garden does not have enough room for these perennials, you can also grow them in the backyard. They would grasp the eyes of every one passing by your house.


    As the perennials come back to your garden year after year, they’re ideal for both beginning and experienced gardeners. Just give them proper care and they will visit your garden for years. So good, right? It save you a lot of time and budget, too. I grew Japanese forest grass in my garden 3 years a go and it still goes well now. Featuring bright yellow foliage, it is the star of my garden whenever it comes.

    #1 Astilbes

    Astilbes comes first in this category. It’s a perfect perennial to add color to a shady spot. This plant produces fluffy pink flower heads, and glossy, fern-like foliage all year round, except in winter. You can grow it from divisions in in spring or summer in rich, moist soil.

    #2 Bergenia

    Bergenia is native to central Asia. It features small and bell-shaped flowers, and large, glossy green leaves that either remain green or display red fall colors, usually in colder regions. These plants are great for shade gardens, especially as borders or for growing under trees. You can start your garden with divisions taken after they finish blooming.

    #3 Goat’s Beard

    Goat’s beard appreciates the cold and damp conditions of shady woodland areas. This plant comes out in great profusion early and mid-summer, it’s great as cut flowers and can be dried for everlasting bouquets. It can be grown from seeds or divisions in spring or fall.

    #4 Japanese Forest Grass

    This perennial is an ideal plant for shade gardens. It can be easily propagated by dividing mature clumps.

    #5 Lily Of The Valley

    One of my favorite flowering perennial plants. It’s famous for fragrant, bell-shaped flowers that appear in spring. These plants are perfect for the shaded area under trees, where they will spread between the roots, filling up the whole space in time. You can grow them from underground stems called pips.

    #6 Coral Bells

    Coral bells are native to North America. Initially, they produce green foliage but come in many different varieties now, sporting colorful and variegated leaves. They’re as great as good cut flowers. You can grow them with seeds in the garden in spring.

    #7 Columbines

    This perennial plant makes its name for its bell-shaped nodding flowers aquilegia. They are enough to bring beauty to any garden. These flowers come in late spring to early summer, each one consisting of 5 petals and five sepals. They are appealing to bees and hummingbirds.

    #8 Hosta

    Hosta can’t be ignored in this collection. It’s a perfect plant for any shade garden. This perennial comes in a variety of large, attention-grabbing leaves that make a weed-suppressing carpet over the ground. You can grow hosta from divisions in spring, summer and fall.

    #9 Pulmonaria

    Pulmonaria is one of the most beautiful perennial that thrives in shade. Their leaves are quite decorative, with splotches of color. And their flowers are small but come in bunches of bright pinks, purples and blues. White flowered varieties are also available. These plants can be grown seeds or divisions of underground rhizomes in a shaded spot.

    #10 Japanese Yellow Rose

    This flowering perennial produces bright yellow flowers that bloom profusely all through summer even in deep shade. They would be striking in your garden!

    #11 Lamium

    Lamium is commonly known as deadnettle.  This plants are a delightful groundcover in shady areas, brightening up dark corners with its silvery foliage. Their pink and purple flowers are also add beauty to your garden.

    #12 Black Cohosh/Black Snakeroot

    This perennial releases attractive, deeply cut leaves similar to astilbes. Its fuzzy spikes in white appear in summer, and they are held well above the foliage. You can grow it from seeds or divisions in in spring in partial shade and keep the soil moist.

    #13 Lilyturf

    Lilyturf is another perennial with long and narrow arching leaves. It forms stunning groundcover for shaded and dry areas in the garden. This perennial comes in different varieties. You can grow it from divisions of the clump in spring in colder regions, or any time of the year in warmer areas.

    #14 Pachysandra

    Pachysandra is deal for shady areas as it thrives in acidic soil usually found under trees. Its tiny flowers that appear in spring may not be very showy, but they have a lovely fragrance to compensate for this. You can grow this perennial from divisions, or you can get flats from the garden center when you want to cover large areas.

    #15 Vinca

    Vincas are an excellent groundcover for dry shade, forming a thick mat that discourages other weeds.

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