15 Beautiful Long-Living Perennial Plants For Your Garden

by Sasha Ridley

    I just love perennials, flowers, herbs, vines and other shade plants. There are some reasons for this. Most of perennial plants are low maintenance. This will save you lot of time for gardening. The other is that these produce well and come back your garden year after year when received proper care. Those who are quite lazy with the gardening or do not have much budget for it, these perennials come to as the rescue. Perfect!


    In this post, we’re introducing 15 beautiful long-living perennial plants to grow in your garden. If you’re seeking plants that you need only grow once and harvest for years, these perennials are right up your street. They come in a variety, ranging from herbs to flowers. All you need to do is to pick out favorite plants and give them a spot in your garden. If it’s lack of space, you may try growing them in pots (for certain species only). Let’s get started!

    #1 Peony

    Peony comes first in this collection. These gorgeous hardy perennials will last for decades. You can plant them in full sun and give them proper care when the plants are blooming to keep the flowers from toppling.

    #2 Liriope

    Once you grow Liriope, this plant can persist for years.This perennial features grass-like foliage and short spikes of pretty flowers. It thrives in different soil conditions and prefers to grow in light shade.

    #3 Daylilies

    Daylilies are also beautiful long-living perennials. They are rugged enough to grow and bloom in commercial landscapes, along highways, and steep hillsides. To make them come back your garden year after year, you should divide every few years to keep them blooming. But the plants will remain alive even if you ignore them.

    #4 Hosta

    Hostas are an excellent choice to brighten the dark corners of your landscape. You can grow these perennials directly in a spot in your garden that has rich, organic soil. They grow bigger and better every season. Snails, slugs, and deer annoy these plants. Be sure to keep them away from your plants.

    #5 Iris

    The beautiful yellow flower and green foliage Iris should be also mentioned here. These plants can even bloom around abandoned houses or in historic cemeteries. To let them visit your garden year after year, you should divide them every few years to promote flowering.

    #6 Oriental Poppy

    Oriental poppies have Asian origine. These gorgeous perennials survive summer drought by going dormant after they flower in the spring and then reappear in the early fall. Flower comes in shade of orange, red, white, salmon, and crimson. Plant Oriental poppies in a sunny location with well-drained soil.

    #7 Baptisia

    Baptisia is sometimes called false indigo. This native prairie plant shows off gorgeous spikes of pea-like flowers in the spring, but the blue-green foliage is pretty enough to stand on its own. As these are naturally resistant to drought and insects, they will last for decades in your garden.

    #8 Sedum

    Like baptisia, sedums are resistant to drought and insects. That’s why they return your garden year after year, even with larger scale. They come in many varieties, but some of the toughest are the groundcover varieties, such as ‘Dragon’s Blood’, shown here.

    #9 Catmint

    Catmints produce fragrant pretty blue or white blossoms that attracts butterflies to your garden. Once established, these perennials will perform for many years. To let them visit year after year, you should shear back the plants to encourage another flush of bloom after they flower. Catmint grows best in full sun.

    #10 New England Aster

    New England Aster is a native wildflower. It can reach 4-6 feet tall, and bloom in pink or blue in the late summer and fall. These blooms are appealing to butterflies, which feast on the nectar-rich blooms as they travel south. Pinching the plant before mid-July helps keep it a bit more compact, but staking might still be necessary.

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