15 Beautiful Water Plants For Indoors and Backyard Ponds

by Marry Dell

    Have you had a water plant for your outdoor or indoor garden yet? If not yet, it’s time to get one! Water plants are gorgeous, interesting, and pretty easy to look after. They can make a pond or water feature all the more interesting and improve the quality of the air, too. That is the reason why in this post today, we want to share 15 beautiful water plants for indoors and backyard ponds for you.
    15 Beautiful Water Plants For Indoors and Backyard Ponds
    With a lot of options available here that can fit almost any style. Thus, no matter how you put them, they will make your space nicer. Aside from adding beauty, water plants are also great if you have an aquarium filled with fish and other underwater aquarium greens. These plants can filter out waste from fishes, replicate natural habitats, and help aerate the aquarium. So, if you are owning an aquarium, these plants are a great choice to add. Read on to gain some knowledge about them!

    #1 Calla Lily

    Calla lily has beautiful foliage and sensual flowers, and they are also quite easy to take care of. The former can be fully submerged in water, while the latter are best placed where they only touch the top layer of water.

    #2 Amazon Frogbit

    Amazon Frogbit is a popular floating water plant for ponds and especially aquariums. They’re easy to take care of but they grow quickly if left unchecked and can cover the entire surface of the water fast. Young ones have their leaves flat, while mature ones have emergent leaves above the water.

    #3 Parrot’s Feather

    The parrot’s feather plant grows underwater and can reach up to a foot above the water. Their feathery foliage is extremely attractive, making them a great addition to your water feature.

    #4 Mosquito Fern

    Looking like duckweed, the Azolla is a highly productive plant and can cover entire bodies of water with its tiny. Its common name, Mosquito fern, comes from the fact that it can repel mosquitoes from laying eggs.

    #5 Hornwort

    Hornworts are excellent oxygenating water plants, and several fishes benefit from having these plants in their ponds and aquariums. This plant serves as a breeding ground for koi fish. Also, goldfish enjoy eating these leaves.

    #6 Duckweed

    One of the smallest aquatic plants in the world, duckweed is a tiny floating water plant harvested as animal food. Cattle, swine, chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, and fish like to eat these tiny water plants. Duckweed can regulate nutrient levels and algae in the water.

    #7 Water Hyacinth

    Water hyacinths are beautiful water plants that grow fast once established. Each plant can hold as many as 20 flowers, making them excellent additions to your indoor garden.

    #8 Creeping Jenny

    Creeping Jenny plants are famous as ground covers and were used in herbalism for treating wounds in the old times. They grow their cup-shaped flowers in summer, adding a colorful pop to your pond. These water plants are also an invasive species, so you will have to cut them down when they start spreading outside their area.

    #9 Rough Horsetail

    The rough horsetail is great for adding a vertical presence to your outdoor ponds. These water plants can grow up to three feet high, while dwarf varieties can grow to eight inches. They grow aggressively in water, so you can plant them in a container before submerging them in your pond to control their growth. Despite their name, these plants are toxic to horses and cattle.

    #10 Lotus

    The water lotus is an exotic and eye-catching plant that will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of your ponds. Its flowers can spread to a foot wide and come in a variety of colors. Water lotuses thrive in bright light and can quickly take over a pond if not contained.

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