15 Best Beautiful White Flowers To Grow In Your Garden

15 Best Beautiful White Flowers To Grow In Your Garden

There is nothing better than seeing white flowers in your garden, right? White flowers bring a serene, magical quality to any setting. They will offer a backdrop for the varying shades of green in your garden. White flowers work in a variety of garden and landscape settings from country to formal. So in the post today, we are so glad to share the 15 Best Beautiful White Flowers to Grow in Your Garden to add purity beauty to your garden.
15 Best Beautiful White Flowers To Grow In Your Garden
All of them are quite easy to grow with requiring minimal care and getting enough sunlight for growth. You can grow them in your garden, or plant on hanging baskets or containers placed near seating work well because you will have a chance to enjoy their subtle glow. If you love white color, these flowers are for you. Now, keep reading to choose some that you love and grow them to add pale brilliance to your garden.

#1 Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum has tiny and sweet blooms. It likes full to part sun and handless a light frost.

#2 Shasta Daisy

These perennials offer weeks and weeks of summer color. Pollinators love them. They need full sun.

#3 Lobelia

Lobelia prefers part sun or full shade in hot climates.

#4 Azalea

Azaleas are a sure sign that spring has arrived. Many new varieties of this shrub are more cold-tolerant. They need mostly sun.

#5 Peony

This shrubby perennial plant with glossy, dark green foliage has lush scented flowers. Peonies prefer full sun.

#6 Nemesia

Tons of teeny flowers that resemble baby snapdragons flourish from spring to fall without deadheading. This annual tends to do better in pots. Nemesia likes part sun but does okay in full sun in cooler climates.

#7 Lily of the Valley Shrub

These shrubs have showy clusters of bell-shaped flowers that dangle from the arching branches. The Lily of the valley needs mostly shade.

#8 Fan Flower

These annuals are totally low-maintenance garden because they bloom all summer with zero effort from you. Fan flowers like full sun.

#9 Rose

Roses need full sun and bloom all summer, well into fall.

#10 Petunia

Petunias need full sun. Trailing or double varieties are especially lovely in window boxes and hanging baskets.