15 Best Ideas For DIY Recycled Garden Trellis

Many plants, flowers and vines prefer trellis for their healthy growth. The trellis keeps them structure and gives them a base to grow further. How does a plant trellis work with your garden? It makes the garden more impressive, and helps save garden space, especially vertical one. Some even offer pretty shady place for the kids to play in. A garden structure that not only supports your plants but also serves as garden décor. Look no further than a trellis.


Of course, you can use a number of materials to build your garden trellis. Bamboo stalks, branches, wire, or PVC pipes all work. This post, however, focuses on repurposing old objects. It introduces 15 best ideas for DIY recycled garden trellis. Old bike rims, bed frames, ladders, and screen doors can do the trick. They are budget projects but will work well with your garden. Let’s check them out!

#1 Ladder Trellis

#2 Old Patio Umbrella Frame

#3 Screen Door Trellis

#4 Baby Crib Trellis

#5 Old Wagon Wheel

#6 Mattress Spring

#7 Iron Headboards Trellis

#8 Window Frame Garden Trellis

#9 Old Garden Gate

#10 The Pallet Trellis

#11 Farm Tools

#12 Bicycle Wheel Trellis

#13 Chandelier Trellis

#14 Tobacco Sticks & Wood posts

#15 Branch Garden Trellis