15 Best Plants To Grow For Hedges

Creating privacy can be an important consideration, but high walls are not the only way. Growing a hedge plant is a great option. They will give you a vivid screen, a private, secure, and peaceful place with fresh air and inexpensive. If you’re finding ways to create a screen for your garden in style or a natural screen for your yard, consider growing one of the 15 Best Plants To Grow For Hedges today.
15 Best Plants To Grow For Hedges
These plants promise to create a mature look and feel as quickly as possible. With the characteristics of the shrubs, they are easy to grow without any special care, they thrive well in all conditions. Growing them not only makes the most of the space both vertically and horizontally making a great addition to your environment but also protects you from prying eyes or helping to stop the noise. Keep reading to know more about their growth properties and start growing some now.

#1 Boxwood

Source: Thegreenpinky

Most Boxwood types thrive in zones 5 to 8, others, like the balearica, grow well to zone 11. Many grow up about 36-inches tall, others reach up to 12-feet tall. In the spring, they usually display cream flowers with a greenish tint.

#2 Gardenia

Source: Anron bunkering dmcc

Gardenias are an evergreen plant that does best in zones 7-10 and achieves about 40-inches tall. In late spring and early summer, they feature white flowers. They show off their beauty by producing glossy green leaves, even when it is not blooming.

#3 Allamanda Bush

Source: Gardenia

Allamanda Bush thrives in zones 10 and 11. In early summer and last well into fall, this plant showcases bright-yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers with orange throat stripes.

#4 Cherry Hedge

Source: Gardenersdream

Cherry Hedge is a sun-loving plant and grows up to 40-inches tall. In the spring, the plant bears clusters of creamy white flowers that emit fragrance. To midsummer, the flowers give way to black ripe fruits.

#5 Indian Hawthorn

Source: Homedepot

Indian Hawthorn is an evergreen shrub that does well in zones 8 to 10 and reaches 5-feet tall. In the early spring, the plant produces white flowers and bluish-black berries follow them.

#6 Copperleaf

Source: Gardenloversclub

Copperleaf thrives in zone 10 and prefers the sun. They can be found in several different color options, including red and pink. Although this plant produces catkins in the spring, its foliage is more vivid.

#7 Hibiscus

Source: Uconnladybug

Hibiscus is a woody plant that thrives in zones 5 to 9 and grows from 4-to-7-feet tall. It prefers the sun and wet soil. In midsummer and until the fall which is the blooming time.

#8 Arborvitae

Source: Arbordayblog

Arborvitae is an evergreen plant that thrives in zones 2 to 8 and grows from 8-to-25-feet tall depending on the variety. The plant has lacy needles to the ground making it an ideal choice for a windbreak.

#9 Croton

Source: Brighterblooms

Croton grows well in zones 11 – 12 and can reach 5 feet tall when mature. This plant favors growing in shady locations. In spring, they also bloom flowers that are so inconspicuous. It displays striking foliage as a great alternative. Its leaves show off in many different shades, including orange, pink, yellow, and red, on the same plant.

#10 Crossandra

Source: Thespruce

Crossandra does well in zones 10 and 11 and grows to be about 3-feet tall. It blooms freely in terminal racemes throughout the year with yellow and red options.

#11 Jasmine

Source: Twitter

Jasmine does well in the sun or part shade in zones 6 to 10 and reaches up to 4-feet tall. This plant can be grown as a hedge or as a ground cover. Its blooming time starts in late winter and lasts through the spring.

#12 Bottlebrush

Source: Plantmaster

Bottlebrush is a sun-loving plant that thrives in many different growing zones up to zone 11. While most have reddish flowers, yellow and cream also are other common choices you can choose.

#13 Ixora

Source: Allaboutgardening

Ixora grows happily in zones 10 to 12 and can be up to 8-inches wide. It is a sun-loving plant that thrives in moist conditions.

#14 Areca Palm

Source: Gardencenternorthfortmyers

Areca Palm does well in zones 10 and 11 and can achieve 12-to-30-feet tall. This tropical plant thrives in areas that get at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. After the flower fades, this plant produces small orange-yellow fruit that turns black over time.

#15 Clusia

Source: Growitright

Clusia is an evergreen hedge plant that grows in zones 11 and 12 and reaches 8-feet tall. This plant puts on small pink and red flowers throughout the year.

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