15 Best Vegetables That You Can Grow In Buckets

by Marry Dell

    Don’t need to have a huge backyard, you still have plenty of food for daily meals. And buckets are the best solution for your limited space. In the post today, we are so lad to share the 15 best vegetables that you can grow in buckets. They are easy to grow as well as take care of when planted. So, if you are finding ways to grow food in your tiny space, let’s check out our recommendations here.
    15 Best Vegetables That You Can Grow In Buckets
    Apart from saving space, using buckets for gardens also helps with a lot of other common gardening problems like young plants getting trampled, rabbits eating plants, poor soil, hard rains, weeds. Another great benefit of growing vegetables in buckets is that they are portable. For instance, if your plants are not getting enough sun in a certain area, simply pick them up and put them somewhere else. You will not have to dig up, replant, and risk killing your plants, you will only be moving the container they are in. Save and grow them right now!

    #1 Tomatoes

    Probably the container planting go-to crop, tomatoes are ubiquitous in containers. You should grow bush varieties in buckets. Tomato plants require 6-8 hours of sunlight, so pick a very sunny location for your buckets of tomatoes.

    #2 Beans

    There are two different varieties of beans popular in the market. Bush varieties and vine varieties. You can grow both of them but the bush is more suitable for buckets. This variety does not need a huge space to grow.

    #3 Carrots

    You can grow tons of carrots in buckets. Small varieties of carrots are very suitable. In a 5 gallon bucket, you can grow 20-25 carrots. Sow the seeds of carrots directly in the potting soil of your buckets.

    #4 Onion

    Onions are simple to grow. With enough buckets, though, it’s fairly easy to grow a good amount of onions.

    #5 Peppers

    Both hot and sweet peppers can be spectacularly beautiful, especially orange and purple sweet peppers in buckets. They thrive in grow boxes but can be grown in any large container with plenty of suns, good drainage, and consistent watering. Dry soil or overly wet soil is disastrous for peppers.

    #6 Cherry Tomatoes

    Cherry tomatoes are excellent for bucket gardeners. There are so many varieties of cherry tomatoes available. Buy seedlings or seeds or grow them from kitchen scraps.

    #7 Okra

    Okra is a very delicious vegetable. This vegetable is very easy to grow. The germination rate of okra seeds is great.

    #8 Cucumbers

    Cucumbers are a fast-growing vegetable commonly grown in containers. These water-loving plants do best in large plastic or ceramic pots that help the soil retain moisture.

    #9 Beets

    Beets are an awesome root vegetable for containers.

    #10 Lettuce

    Lettuce is one of the easiest leafy greens to grow in buckets. You can sow the seeds of lettuce directly in the soil of buckets or you can regrow lettuce from kitchen scraps of lettuce.

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