15 Brilliant DIY Balcony Vertical Garden Ideas

by Sasha Ridley

    Turning the balcony into a vertical garden is an excellent choice when your garden does not have enough room for your favorite vegetables, herbs, and flowering plants. Even if it does, you can still build another one at the balcony. It may take you little more time and effort to care for them, but is actually a rewarding journey. Who do not love eating homegrown vegetables? This also works with those who are currently living in department. They have tons of interesting ideas to decorate their balcony. This vertical garden is a great example.


    Here are 15 brilliant DIY balcony vertical garden ideas I would like to share you guys. They not only provide you with fresh and healthy vegetables but also add an elegant feature to your home. In other words, it’s a charming indoor décor. One more plus point of these is that they are easy enough for DIY projects and also friendly to your budget. Let’s check them out!

    #1 Shoe Holder Vertical Garden

    Shoe holder makes a pretty vertical garden for herbs and vegetables. Your balcony would be lovelier with this.

    #2 Clay pots vertical garden

    This clay pot vertical garden makes your balcony more modern and stylish. Flowers love living here. Install some air or a bench in here to turn it into a beautiful relaxing space.

    #3 Verticle herb garden from scrap woods

    Build a structure from scrap woods to hang your herb pots. There is also a planter at the bottom to grow whatever you like.

    #4 Turn a pallet into a vertical garden

    This DIY balcony vertical garden project is on your budget. The garden structure is made from pallets.

    #5 Vertical garden with long baskets

    Long baskets filled with soil to grow plants and flowers or vegetables. They are then displayed on a vertical garden frame.

    #6 DIY Trellis Planter Holder

    I just love this DIY vertical garden!

    #7 Trellis Arrangements

    Itching to rustic style? This vertical trellis garden for balcony will satisfy you.

    #8 Staircase Plant Stand

    It’s a gorgeous vertical balcony garden. It promises to draw the attention of all visitors to your home.

    #9 Vertical garden on balcony wall

    This vertical garden creates room for a variety of plants.  Just try it with your favorite types.

    #10 Plant Stand Vertical Garden

    This project is super easy and fast to build.

    #11 Vertical Windowsill Herb Garden

    You can grow different types of vegetables and herbs in this vertical windowsill garden.

    #12 Latticed Front

    There is so much going with this DIY balcony garden. Just do it to satisfy your garden obsession!

    #13 Arrange shelves to keep pots

    It’s a neat balcony vertical garden. Reading a good book here with a cup of good tea served alongside would be perfect.

    #14 Ladder Vertical Garden

    Another vintage style vertical garden idea for your balcony. If you have no idea for what to make with your old ladder, just turn it into a vertical garden.

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