15 Common Mistakes When Growing Tomato

by Marry Dell
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#11 Watering From Above

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When watering your tomato plants, let’s do it from the bottom only. If you can install a drip irrigation system, that’s all the better, as this will supply a slow and steady release of nutrients to your plants at their roots. Don’t water from above, as this can encourage the spread of fungal diseases.

#12 Adding Too Much Nitrogen

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Tomato plants need nitrogen when they are first developing their foliage. However, as your tomatoes begin to set fruit, too much nitrogen can result in an overgrowth of dense foliage and leaves. This not only compromises your fruit production but can also attract insect pests. Instead, switch to a lower nitrogen fertilizer later in the season.

#13 Overcrowding Your Plants

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Avoiding overcrowding your tomato plants. They need lots of elbow room! Don’t squeeze too many into a small space.

#14 Ignoring Companion Plants

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When planting tomatoes with the right companions, you’ll have fewer pest and disease issues to worry about. Consider growing tomatoes with plants like basil, borage, nasturtiums, and marigolds – and street clear of plants like peppers and eggplant (which are prone to the same pests and diseases).

#15 Wasting Your Tomatoes

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This is one of the most common tomatoes growing mistakes, and it’s so easy to avoid! Don’t waste your tomatoes. Consider donating extra tomatoes to neighbors, friends, or family. Plus, there are so many ways to store tomatoes for long term use. From canning to freezing and even making preserves, the uses for tomatoes are endless.

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