15 Creative and Cheap Ways to Liven Up Your Garden

by Marry Dell

    Your garden only has greeny, it is so boring, right? Why you don’t transform your garden into an interesting place where can attract your kids and other members of your family? In this post today we will give some great ideas to improve your garden more vivid. Adding color to decorate your garden is our great recommendation today! To how they beautiful are, keep reading!

    Your garden is not only a beautiful retreat but also a color place to attract other members if you know ways to create it! And these ideas here will work this. Adding new elements to your garden can be a great way to bond with young or older children. All ideas are collected here and waiting for your exploration. What is more, these ideas here are clever and inexpensive ways to add bold color to your garden. So, don’t hesitate, let make them for your garden!

    #1 Add More Colorful Plants and Flowers to Your Existing Display

    #2 Colorful Urn Water Features

    #3 Recycled Tin Can Planters

    #4 Colorful Sectional Cushions and Throw Pillows

    #5 Craft a Cute Rock Caterpillar

    #6 Hang a Cozy Hammock

    #7 Add or Craft Your Own Decorative Stepping Stones

    #8 Set Up a Colorful Sun Parasol Display

    #9 Mosaic Solar Stake Lights

    #10 Build a Display of Bright Birdhouses

    #11 Painted Concrete Statuary

    #12 Dress Up a Trellis or Gazebo with Fabrics and Accessories

    #13 Paint Concrete Cinder Block Herb Gardens

    #14 Re-paint a Garden

    #15 Painted or Tiled Walkways

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