15 Creative Garden Container Ideas

by Marry Dell

    Around your house always have unused items. Most of you will think that they are too old to reuse! However, the fact is in contrast. You can totally give them a second life if you know ways to take advantage of them. And in the post today we will give you some ideas to upgrade them. To know what they are, keep reading below.
    15 Creative Garden Container IdeasThat is creative garden container ideas! Giving these ideas here a look, all of them are normal items daily such as old lantern, old boots, bathtub, watering can, and more. After a time of use, they will be substituted by new, and that also is the time when they will lie in the trash. It is a waste! You just give them a short of your time as well as your creativity, you will own fantastic garden containers to help your outdoor space more interesting and beautiful. Instead of using boring pots, let’s replace them with these ideas here. Save and make some for your garden right now!

    #1 Lantern Planter

    With the idea, you can carry it easily anywhere within the home because it is a portable planter type.

    #2 Barbecue Grill Planter

    If you bought a bigger and better grill, don’t wonder what to do with the old one, use it as a unique planter.

    #3 Old Boot Planters

    Any of your old boots can become a pretty planter.

    #4 Strainer Planter

    Because it has already got the holes for drainage, it is ideal for potting plants.

    #5 Planter from Watering Can

    Turn your old rustic watering can into a planter by just filling it up with plants. Painting to make it newer if you want.

    #6 Plant in a Teapot

    Teapot planter would make a great addition to any space in your garden.

    #7 Ladder Planter

    Ladder planter as a way to display flowers and herbs in your garden. It is worth to try.

    #8 Bathtub Planter

    Give your old bathtub a new mission as a planter. It promises to work well.

    #9 Bicycle Planter

    Turn your old bike into a beautiful and original decoration for your garden. You can grow some flowers to make your garden more impressive.

    #10 Mailbox Planter

    If your mailbox is too old, you can make it in a new way by turning it into a planter.

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