15 Design Ideas for Outdoor Privacy Space

15 Design Ideas for Outdoor Privacy Space

#11 Vertical Pocket Planter Walls

Vertical fabric planter walls provide privacy screening for this outdoor dining room. The decorative light fixture adds a delicate design element that pulls the space together.

#12 Dress the Back Wall

A plain white cinderblock wall was given a serious dose of style with the addition of a corrugated rusted wall and fire feature.

#13 Rusted Metal Wall Screen Near Backyard Pool

A rusted metal screen conceals pool equipment, enhances privacy, and adds character and texture to this Southwestern backyard.

#14 Corrugated Wall and Window Boxes

Corrugated metal is used to build a privacy wall and create a backdrop for a fun gathering space. To make the unusual fire pit, a gas line was run through the recycled metal bucket then filled with lava rock.

#15 Windbreaker and Privacy Wall

This slated ornamental wall serves a few purposes. It lends privacy to the gathering space, helps shield the fire pit from wind, and lastly, it looks great.

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