15 DIY Greenhouses Made From Old Windows and Doors

Many plants love living in greenhouses, especially when they are sprouting from seeds to fragile new plants. These houses are nursery that offer proper sunlight, moisture of the soil, and pest removal method for the plants to grow. Some are even pretty enough to serve as a garden décor. Hang with string lights all around the outside walls, these greenhouses will be the star of the show at night time.


You can definitely build a greenhouse at budget. I means that you can make use of “throw-away” items that are around your house and your neighbor’s. And, here are 15 DIY greenhouses made from old windows and doors. Inexpensive and quite easy to install, these are enough for weekend DIY projects. All you need is just patience and of course, a little bit skill. Let’s check them out!

#1 Blue greenhouse

There is so much fun with this greenhouse. The wood and window frames are painted with blue before put together. Enough to grasp the eyes of visitors, right?

#2 Greenhouse with French doors

A little adorable greenhouse for the garden.

#3 A little greenhouse in Ohio

This house offers a nice fishing touch with window shutters. Why not install one for your garden?

#4 Tinkerhouse in the garden

It’s incredibly beautiful. This greenhouse is made from reclaimed doors, windows, and wood from a home renovation. It features the interior filled with fun little items found here and there, like a chandelier and burlap draperies.

#5 Beautiful little greenhouse

Who do not want this cute little greenhouse for their garden?

#6 Down to earth greenhouse

Such a charming green house! It’s made almost completely from recycled materials.

#7 Flower greenhouse

Looking for beautiful flower structure to liven up your garden? Just give this flower greenhouse a go.

#8 $300 greenhouse from salvaged windows

A greenhouse that is totally made from salvaged windows.

#9 Antique window greenhouse

To carry this DIY garden project, you need over two dozen antique windows.

#10 Fairfield greenhouse with attached cold frame

This greenhouse might need a bit more time and effort. If you prefer stylish and modern greenhouses, this is an excellent choice.

#11 Greenhouse made with old windows and pallets

Another garden projects made from old windows and pallets that you should try.

#12 A little hothouse in California

This house is great to grow peppers, tomatoes, and climbing cucumbers. Instead of using reclaimed windows, the owner built a frame to fit the windows they had.

#13 Greenhouse framed with pallet racking

It’s made from recycled framing materials, especially the 1900s-era windows came from an old bank. A greenhouse at no cost!

#14 Old windows and doors greenhouse

If you prefer rustic style for your garden, just let this greenhouse do the trick.

#15 Greenhouse built from 45 old windows

A larger greenhouse for your garden.