15 Easy-And-Safe Plants For Kids To Grow

by Marry Dell

    Instead of watching movies for hours on TV or smart phone, let’s tend your children to the interesting things around life. For example, planting trees! The simple reason for this option, planting trees will help your child closer to nature, have a green environment with a clean atmosphere! Moreover, your kids will be more active, promote discovery and exploration about the natural development of plants.

    15 Easy-And-Safe Plants For Kids To Grow

    In order to create beautiful and impressive gardens, consider your kids’ interests such as: What kind of vegetables your kids love? Or does your kid love colors or not? All will help you be more inspired to plant. And here we rounded up 15 Easy-And-Safe Plants For Kids To Grow that your kids will love. It’s time to grow!

    #1 Succulents

    Succulents are super easy to grow. They prefer mostly sun, drought-tolerant once established, and many types tolerate extreme cold.

    #2 Sunflower

    The plant seeds can be grown directly in the garden or in pots in full sun. Many types have large edible seeds you can enjoy with your kids, they will be excited.

    #3 Cherry Tomato

    This new cherry tomato have been bred to be compact and tidy so they grow best in pots. Plant a few different kinds so you’ll have a rainbow of colors to harvest.

    #4 Mint

    Fast-growing mint is a fun and rewarding plant to grow. You can grow it outside in soil or in water. Place in an outdoor container, or inside on a windowsill.

    #5 Nasturtium

    These easy flowers to grow, with blue-green leaves and gorgeous blooms, grow in climbing or mound forms. There is the coolest thing about both the flowers and the leaves is that they’re edible, so kids can toss them on summer salads and tasty no-bake desserts.

    #6 Sweet Potato Vine

    The sweet potato vine’s claim to fame is its starring role as an ideal “spiller” in containers and window boxes.

    #7 Butterfly Bush

    Long, spiky flowers in shades of red, white, pink, or purple on this hardy bush attract oodles of butterflies and hummingbirds all summer long. This shrub likes full sun and comes in a variety of sizes, from two to five feet tall.

    #8 Elephant Ears

    Leaves that grow bigger than their heads? You kids will be amazed by the size of elephant ear plants.

    #9 Daisies

    These daisies just need the right amount of water and sunshine. That is enough to grow well.

    #10 Pumpkin

    Pumpkins are awfully fun to grow because they come in every size and hue, from the palest white to bright orange. Plus, they’re versatile: Eat them, decorate with them, roast the seeds, or try your hand at these easy pumpkin-carving ideas.

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