15 Eye-Catching Valentine Nails You’re Crushing On

by Navy

    For the girls who want to be more attractive for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, besides the brilliant dress, you should also take care of yourself a beautiful nail. It can make you be outstanding in your partner’s eyes and let him fall in love!

    Red Heart Valentine Nail Designs

    Heart-shaped motifs have never been outdated in valentine’s day nail designs. Just a few ideas you can create unique and strange nail designs in the upcoming romantic date. Pink paint and red hearts are the nail trend for special occasions like this.

    Moreover, love is also the idea for this special occasion nail design. This design is suitable for those who like long and slim nails. The cute heart details combined with the word and the red paint really make you sweeter.


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    Edgy Red Valentine Nail Design

    If you’re a regular pink hater, try leaving an impression this Valentine’s Day with a bold red nail design. This nail set uses two grams of striking contrasting colors combined with stone accents at the separation between the two layers of paint. They really make you hot and sexy this coming Valentine’s Day.


    Source: unknown

    Ombre Valentine Nail Design

    Apparently Valentine is the day of red nail variations. Red and black ombre is the perfect choice for modern girls. They will give you an irresistible charm.


    Source: Nail secrets

    Gold Valentine Nail Design

    This is a bold idea for a nail design on Valentine’s Day. Instead of the familiar red tone, you can combine it with gold and black as well as gray and black. It is important that the textures make an impression.


    Source: bellimarissa

    Glittery Valentine Nail Designs

    A little sparkle will make the nails really radiant and eye-catching. For a valentine’s day nail design, you need a few cute touches like a light pink or bright polish. You can also use this nail design for other special occasions like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, etc.


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