15 Fantastic Ways To Use Wood Chip Around Your Homestead

by Sasha Ridley

    Have you ever used wood chip for your gardening work (as a mulch, mushroom bed,…)? It does well in this case. You can even use it to make livestock bed, garden path, or rustic paper. Turning “waste” materials into new functioning things is always great, right? This may require time and budget but are definitely worth going for. These projects actually work and are also friendly to the environment.


    In this post, we’re glad to share 15 fantastic ways to use wood chip around your homestead. Wood chip comes in different grades, or sizes, and can be made from a range of different types of wood. So, how and where it is used will affect its abilities. It’s also worth mentioning that not all wood chip is quite as natural and eco-friendly as you might imagine. Make sure that you know the source of wood chip that you use if buying it from somewhere. Let’s check them out!

    #1 Use Wood Chip as a Mulch

    You can use wood chip as a mulch for the plants in your garden. But there are several things you should know before applying this for your garden. First, as wood chip comes in different sizes, make sure that you use the right one for your plants. Second, keep in mind that the larger the pieces of wood, the longer they will take to break down. The last thing is to identify whether your wood chip is dried or partially dried harvested wood.

    #2 Use Wood Chip in a Hot Bed

    Wood chip, like other compostable materials, will give off a certain amount of heat as it breaks down. Why not add it to your hot garden bed?

    #3 Use Wood Chip as a Path Material

    Why not build a rustic garden path out of wood chip? This will save you a lot of money. Just note that wood chip breaks down fairly quickly, the paths, therefore, are far from permanent.

    #4 Use Wood Chip To Build Up Raised Beds

    Wood chips can be great for building up raised beds using the lasagna bed process. As a bulky, carbon rich material, it could be an ideal choice for new, low cost growing areas.

    #5 Spread Wood Chip In Your Chicken Run

    Seeking for budget-friendly material to spread out on the ground for your chicken run? Wood chip is an excellent choice.

    #6 Add Wood Chip To Your Compost Heap

    Adding wood chip to your compost heap is an easy yet effective way to decompost the wood chip. Just be sure that decompostion time will be longer with larger pieces. It also needs to mention that wood chip should only be added a little at a time.

    #7 Spread Wood Chip Around a Kids’ Play Area

    Wood chip also makes a great material to cover the ground around a kids’ play area.

    #8 Use Wood Chips As Livestock Bedding

    If you’ve tried spreading wood chip on the ground of your chicken run, you can use it as a bed for your livestock. It is an economical alternative to straw bedding for cattle. This material produces little to no dust and allows livestock to stay clean.

    #9 Use Wood Chip in a Hugelkultur Mound

    Wood chip can be a useful ingredient amongst the others used to make a growing Hugelkultur Mound. If you prefer organic gardening technique, just give these a go.

    #10 Spread Wood Chip to Create a Rustic Garden Seating Area

    You can also spread wood chip on the ground of the garden seating area. This helps avoid mud-baths around benches or other garden seating.

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