15 Free Seeds From Your Fridge or Pantry

15 Free Seeds From Your Fridge or Pantry

#11 Papaya

Papayas can easily grow papayas from seeds. Wash the seeds to remove the gelatinous coating before sowing them. Soak them for two days and collect the seeds that get settled in the pan, throwing away the ones that float. Keep the seeds in a moist cotton cloth for 1-2 days. You can then directly sow the seeds in the ground or a pot. They will germinate in 2-3 weeks.

#12 Fennel Seeds

You can grow these aromatic seeds from your pantry; you need to soak the seeds for 24 hours, as it helps in better germination. Keep the area moist during the germination phase and select a sunny spot for planting. The seeds will germinate in 7-10 days. In 10-12 weeks, the plant will be ready for harvesting. Harvest and dry the seeds when the top of the flower fades away.

#13 Cilantro

You can grow it fresh by using free cilantro seeds from your kitchen shelf. Before planting it, crush the seeds lightly. Sow the dry seeds in rows in a seedling bed and cover them with a layer of soil. The seeds will germinate in 1-2 weeks. It doesn’t like the harsh sun, so protect it from the direct, afternoon sunlight.

#14 Sesame

You can grow these flat seeds from your pantry. Sow seeds indoors, 4-6 weeks before the last frost. Keep the seeds well moist while ensuring they’re not too wet. Once the seeds germinate, place them outside when the frost is gone. The plant will develop seed pods around summer or early fall.

#15 Peas

You will never go back to the frozen peas once you start to grow them fresh! Plant the peas in well-drained soil. Dig a shallow trench in the garden, approximately once inch deep and 9 inches wide. Sow the seeds, 8 inches apart, in two parallel lines. If you are sowing them in pots, sow them an inch deep. Pack the seeds with soil and water them properly; you will notice sprouting in 10-14 days.

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