15 Fruits And Veggies That Grow Well In Gallons

by Sasha Ridley

    If you are finding ways to grow your favorite plants, here we have a great solution for you. That is gallon using! A gallon bucket can be an incredibly useful thing to use around your homestead. One of the most obvious ways to use these reclaimed containers is to grow food. And there is a wide range of fruits and vegetables you can grow in a gallon bucket. To know what those plants are, let’s learn about the post today with us.

    15 Fruits And Veggies That Grow Well In Gallons

    And here are 15 fruits and veggies that grow well in gallons. They are tomato, pepper, eggplant, strawberry, blueberries, all can easily grow well in gallon baskets. The simple reason, gallon baskets are deep enough to accommodate the roots of most plants while narrow enough that you can fit many of them in small spaces, such as a patio or balcony. In addition, the gallon basket is also lightweight so you can easily move them inside if bad weather threatens the health of these plants.

    #1 Tomatoes

    Tomatoes are one of the most popular options to grow in gallon. One of the benefits of growing tomatoes in a bucket is that you can potentially move your plants indoors or undercover when cold weather threatens.

    #2 Peppers

    Peppers are another summer crop in the same family that can also do well in buckets. They are relatively shallow-rooted which means they can do quite well in a gallon. In cooler climates, these too can be moved indoors or undercover when cold weather threatens at the end of the season.

    #3 Eggplant

    You can place a tomato plant a gallon bucket, and this should give it enough space and sufficient nutrients, as long as you feed and water well over the summer months.

    #4 Zucchini

    With similar rooting form and habit to eggplant, zucchini (or certain summer squash) can be a great choice for growing in gallon buckets. You will need to water (though good drainage is required too) and fertilize your plants.

    #5 Cucumbers

    Cucumbers are another crop that is relatively easy to grow in a gallon bucket. They need to have a trellis or other form of support that they can climb up as they grow. However, the best varieties of cucumber for growing in containers are bush-type cultivars, which have very short vines that don’t grow more than around 2-3 ft long. You can plant two of these per buckets.

    #6 Lettuce & Other Leafy Crops

    If you are a novice gardener or new to container gardening, then loose-leaf lettuce is a great place to start. Just sprinkle your seeds over the surface of the growing medium in your bucket, trying to leave a spacing of ½ to 1 inch. Then thin to around 3-4 inches apart for cut and come again plants, and further apart for more mature plants or for headed types.

    #7 Kale, Broccoli & Other Brassicas

    Larger leafy plants will also appreciate the space they have in a gallon bucket. Individual kale, broccoli, or cauliflower plants can be grown in their own buckets. With smaller plants like kohlrabi, you will have the space to grow several plants.

    #8 Onions

    Scallions can work well when grown in a bucket alongside lettuce. And they can also work well around the edges of buckets used to grow a range of other plants.

    #9 Carrots & Other Root Vegetables

    You can successfully grow a wide range of different carrots in a gallon bucket since this is a container deep enough to allow even longer roots to grow. Carrots have relatively low nutritional needs compared with many other common crops. But they do need a light and relatively free draining growing medium. Adding some sand to your potting mix can help make sure that the bucket drains more freely.

    #10 Potatoes

    A gallon bucket will also be suitable for growing a single potato plant. When growing potatoes in a bucket, don’t add a growing medium right up to the top. Instead, fill your bucket around a third full, then place a seed potato (eyes or chits upwards) on top of this growing medium. Then cover it with around 3 inches more nutrient-rich growing medium.

    #11 Peas

    Peas are another of my favorite plants for growing in containers. Simply place a branching twiggy stick into the center of the bucket, making sure it is firmly anchored into the growing medium. Then sow pea seeds around the base.

    #12 Beans

    You can plant a single bush bean plant in each bucket. Or, if your bucket rests beneath a trellis or other support, you could consider growing 2-3 climbing/ vining beans in each one. Beans also need plenty of water, so make sure you keep the soil moist, especially when the plants are in flower and when the bean pods start to form.

    #13 Strawberries

    Strawberries are a relatively easy crop to grow and you can grow a lot in a single gallon bucket. Strawberries need to be watered well, but the medium should be relatively free-draining. A potassium-rich feed when the plants are in flower should help increase yield.

    #14 Blueberries & Other Fruit Bushes

    Blueberries are another soft fruit that works well in gallon buckets. Many people grow blueberries in pots because they need ericaceous (acid) soil conditions. Growing in a bucket in a suitable growing medium (with a pH of around 5.5) is, therefore, easier than amending a larger area of soil in a garden.

    #15 Raspberries & Other Fruit Canes

    You can plant one raspberry cane (or other soft fruit cane) per bucket. Make sure that each one has a sturdy stake at the center to provide support. Then tie your canes onto this support as they emerge. Almost any raspberry can be grown in a bucket in this way.

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