15 Herbs Can Help Lower Blood Pressure That You Should Read

by Marry Dell

    Treating high blood pressure requires a lot of patience and effort. In addition to using medicine and have a good lifestyle, you can also use natural herbs to treat. To know what herbs have this use, let spend your time reading about them in the article today.
    15 Herbs Can Help Lower Blood Pressure That You Should Read
    Garlic, turmeric, ginger, tea … these are all very popular herbs, even, they are available in every kitchen. Thus, you can easily find and use them anytime. Sometimes, just adding a few herbs to daily meals, they can help you take a big step in regulating blood pressure and increasing resistance to the body. They are safe, and effective therapies if used for the long term, and above all, they do not have any side effects. Save them, they will be necessary for you!

    #1 Basil

    Studies conducted on rodents have shown that basil extract is capable of lowering blood pressure temporarily. The main component of this is a chemical called eugenol. Eugenol can block specific substances responsible for tightening the blood vessels, leading to reduced blood pressure.

    #2 Black Cumin Seeds

    According to studies, the extract of these seeds may be beneficial for those suffering from mild hypertension. Additionally, it is capable of reducing the levels of LDL cholesterol. That is helpful for hypertension and cardiac health.

    #3 Buchu

    This is a medicinal plant native to South America. It has also been tested and scientifically proven for its effectiveness in decreasing the blood pressure. Buchu naturally has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Contraindications are also present. As such, a doctor should be consulted before consumption.

    #4 Cardamom

    Studies have shown cardamom can significantly reduce blood pressure levels through regular consumption. This can also improve cardiovascular health.

    #5 Cat’s Claw

    Cat’s claw has been used extensively in the region for a variety of health benefits. For hypertension, this herb works to reduce the pressure by working on the calcium channels of the body. In turn, this controls the water balance and thereby reducing the risk of hypertension.

    #6 Celery Seed

    Studies have been conducted on rodents and show that celery may actually benefit those suffering from hypertension. Extracts from celery can work as a diuretic which helps with hypertension.

    #7 French Lavender

    The smell of Lavender is known for being able to induce a relaxed state thanks to its pleasant smell. It is also capable of dilating the blood vessels and thereby decreasing the blood pressure.

    #8 Flax Seed

    Flaxseed is known to have several health benefits, particularly in the area of cardiovascular health. They are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have demonstrated that it can even reduce blood pressure. It works mainly by reducing cholesterol levels and increasing glucose tolerance. It also acts as an antioxidant.

    #9 Garlic

    Garlic is rather well-known for its medicinal properties. It is capable of increasing the nitric oxide levels in the body which can relax the blood vessels. As a result of this relaxed state, blood pressure is lowered. Garlic can also decrease cholesterol levels in the body which helps reduce blood pressure and improve cardiac health.

    #10 Ginger

    Studies have demonstrated that ginger improves blood circulation. It also relaxes the muscles around the blood vessels which decreases the blood pressure. The extra health benefits offered by ginger make it worth consuming.

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