15 Impressive DIY Tiki Torches For Your Garden

11. DIY Old Vintage Bottles Tiki Torches

These vintage bottle Tiki torches are enough to liven up your space, right? They work with both dinner indoors and out.

12. DIY Pot Tiki Torch

All it takes is to fill a planter pot with gravel and stones and put a tiki canister in the middle to light up the surrounding in the dark.

13. Tiki Torch Tree

All it takes to make this charming Tiki torch tree are copper pipe, hacksaw, sandpaper, zip ties, planter, rock, and oil lamps.

14. Tiki Torches With Stone Stand

Love these creative DIY Tiki torches?

15. Skeleton Tiki Torch

Not all of us are ready to keep these skeleton Tiki torches in our garden, right?

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