15 Indoor Plants That Can Reduce Humidity in Your Bathroom

15 Indoor Plants That Can Reduce Humidity in Your Bathroom

#11 Spider Plants

Spider plants are another classic houseplant because of how easygoing they are. Not only do they do well in humid environments, but happy spider plants will also produce little babies that can easily be separated from the mother plant and shared with your friends.

#12 Calatheas

The stunning Calathea is popular among plant lovers for its stunning and ornate foliage. In a bathroom, a Calathea plant adds a gorgeous splash of colour, and would also be happy to soak up the humidity from baths and showers.

#13 Birds of Paradise

Birds of paradise are another ultra-popular decor plant. These gorgeous tropical plants love to absorb humidity with their big, stunning leaves.

#14 The Elephant Ear Plant

The elephant ear plant is yet another plant that thrives in humid conditions. This stunning plant needs bright, indirect light as well as humidity, so it’ll thrive in a bathroom with a skylight or window.

#15 Monstera Deliciosas

Monstera Deliciosas thrive in a variety of conditions, but they’re jungle plants naturally, so they’ll do well in a humid bathroom environment.

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