15 Inspiring DIY Wall Decor Ideas You Should Try

by Marry Dell

    Looking for something fantastic and budget-friendly to make your indoor wall less boring? This post is right up your street. It shares 15 Inspiring DIY Wall Decor Ideas That You Should Try. These do not require much time and effort, so you can definitely add them to to-do list at the weekend or during holiday. All it takes is patience. Once you get interested in what you’re doing, you can get involved in it for hours.

    Some of these DIY wall decor projects are great to proceed with your kids, colorful cardboard organizer, for instance. Prepare cardboard tubes of different sizes, paint them with favorite colors, attach them to the wall and place cute ornaments and plants on. This decor surely brings a splash of color to your wall, making it more eye-catching. More importantly, it’s an enjoyable craft product. Ready to give it a try? Here we go!

    #1 Mini Photo Ledge

    This gorgeous photo display out of painted plastic molding-turned-shelves would be the first that grasps the attention of your visitors. If you are looking for something simple to spruce up your wall, give this a try!

    #2 Rope Star Mirror

    Such an impressive wall decor! All you need to do is to weave jute rope into an intricate star design to give a standard circle mirror its shining, wall-worthy moment.

    #3 Colorful Cardboard Organizer

    You can do this DIY wall decor project with your kids. Paint cardboard tubes (of different sizes) with your favorite colors or colors that fit in your home style. Fill them with hard-to-kill plants, trinkets, or whatever else catches your eye. Then, you have impressive artwork to hang on your wall.

    #4 Inspiration Board

    It’s interesting to upcycle an old, unused crib into a springboard. Give it a fresh coat of paint, hang it on a wall, and fill it with prints for a DIY vision board. Inspiring, right?

    #5 Plaid Wall Covering

    I just love this wall decor idea! Cover an entire wall with plaid fabric. Stick thin cork squares behind small areas for a seamless way to pin photos, prints, and notes straight to the wall. If you prefer something nostalgic, just give this a try.

    #6 Antique Wall Planter

    Why not build a hanging indoor herb garden on your wall? It will add more charm to your wall. Believe us!

    #7 Painted Basket Display

    These rattan paper plate holders are what make your wall stand out. All it takes is to paint geometric shapes on each basket, let dry, and hang. Enough to grasp your eyes, right?

    #8 Framed Plant Leaves

    These framed plant leaves will add a splash of green color to your wall. They shine even on the coldest, dreariest days. Press green leaves, place them inside a wooden window frame and hang.

    #9 Macrame Picture Frame

    Here is how to proceed this DIY wall decor project: Add macrame and tassel trim to plain frames for a boho-chic look.

    #10 Bulletin Board Wall

    This wall decor is ideal for offices and playrooms. It turns any blank slate into an opportunity for creativity and inspiration. It can serve for both functioning (calendars and weekly planners) and garnishing purpose.

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