15 Inspiring DIY Wall Decor Ideas You Should Try

#11 Lantern-covered Wall

How about nailing rows of lanterns straight to the wall? Place stick battery-operated candles or twinkle lights inside each, and your home would be much lovely at night time.

#12 Mirrored Stairway

Hang mirrors of all shape and sizes along your stairway to create an illusion that your room is bigger than it actually is.

#13 Half-painted Art

These pictures are unique. Half of it is painted with color. You should use garage-sale art for this DIY project.

#14 Scalloped Wall

This scalloped wall surely brings a new breath to your bedroom. Arrange plywood in a detailed design.

#15 Painted Barn Door

It’s fantastic to replace any ol’ door in your house with a sliding barn door to open up the room. Thanks to a colorful paint job, the door doubles as an art piece when shut.

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