15 Painted Rock Crafts To Inspire Your Creativity

Finding something interesting and easy to spice up your weekend time, this post is right up your street. It shares 15 painted rock crafts to inspire your creativity. It’s a rewarding journey. Turn simple rocks into bright eye-catching ones. They would be great home decorations and gifts for friends who love crafts. You can definitely let your kids involve in this DIY project once they get interested in. The kids are much more cleverer and creative than you think. You guys will have a lot of fun together.


You can paint your favorite quotes or draw beautiful designs on your rocks. These are given new appearance after the project. They would grasp the eyes of every one seeing them. More importantly, these rocks have your own features. You will get satisfaction when decorating it and seeing it enlighten a home or garden spot. Ready to give them a try? Here we go!

#1 Paint Mandalas On Rocks

I just love mandala paintings and drawings for the rocks. These patterns of the universe are so unique. Get some acrylic paint pens and white paint pens to paint on these rock.

#2 Christmas Art Painted Rock Ideas

You can paint Santa Claus, snow flake, socks, Christmas tree,… on the rocks. They’re all unique Christmas decorations!

#3 Feel Good Words Kindness Rock Painting Ideas

This rock painting project is perfect to do with your kids. Just spread the kindness through these rocks. Place them in random places. They will for sure spark joy in the luck people who find them!

#4 Create A Cactus Garden With Painted Rocks

A cactus pot that can thrive in any condition? this cactus garden of paint rocks surely meets that need. It’s fun and super easy to make.

#5 Herb Garden Markers Painted Rock Ideas

These rock herb markers would be striking where they’re placed. Who do not want to have these for their herb garden?

#6 Inspiring Quotes Painted Rock Ideas

Why not paint your favorite quotes on rocks with white paint pens over colors? They are a pretty reminder that you can see every day.

#7 Family Portrait Painted Rock Ideas

If you are finding a heart-warming gift made from rocks, this family portray is the way. Painted rock family members and pet glued onto a wood slice.

#8 Rock Painting Vegetable Garden Signs

These painted vegetable signs are great gifts for friends who love gardening!

#9 Draw On Pebbles And Stones

This project may need more drawing skills and creativity. Your pebbles and stones are drawn with white ink pen or white paint pen.

#10 Paint Animals on Pebbles

Along with pipe cleaners, you can make adorable animal crafts with pebbles. Just paint them and you will fall in love with your crafts.

#11 Boho Folk Art Painted Rock Ideas

Boho style makes its name for its arts and crafts using natural materials. These painted rocks with folk art motifs would look beautiful in a bohemian style space.

#12 Painted Rock “Easter Eggs”

Your kids would go crazy for these Easter eggs. There is so much fun here.

#13 Holiday Wishes Lettering On Rocks

It’s great to draw beautiful holiday phrases on stones and pebbles. They are awesome home decorations and gifts.

#14 Ladybugs And Bumble Bees Painted Rock Ideas For The Garden

This cute painted rock version of ladybug will liven up your garden.

#15 Gingerbread Houses Rock Painting

Here is another Christmas craft for kids and adults to do together.