15 Plants Help You Reduce Stress, Anxiety, And Depression

by Marry Dell

    Our life is getting more and more pressure and stressful. So growing plants is one of the great choices for calming effects on your mood. And that is the reason why in this post today, we are so glad to share some of our favorite plants to add a splash of color and good cheer to your home as well as reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Are you ready to spend your time checking them out with us?
    15 Plants Help You Reduce Stress, Anxiety, And Depression
    In addition to their benefit for health and decorate your house more beautiful, these plants also are easy to make and take care of without requiring your effort. You can place them in cute pots and place them in anywhere your house such as tabletop, windowsill, desk…Whether you set them in, they will bring their beauty and benefit that you will be amazed!

    #1 Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera isn’t just great for healing surface wounds and skin ailments, it purifies the air of irritants that can impact our respiratory system and trigger feelings of stress and unease.

    #2 Bamboo Palm

    Bamboo palm is great at flushing pollutants from the air, which goes a long way to helping us breathe better and soothe anxiety. It’s also a natural humidifier and thrives in the shade with little attention from its owner.

    #3 Basil

    Basil is a plant that has benefits. It is rich with the compound linalool, which gives it its woodsy scent. The plant also helps pump oxygen into the air for a staggering 20 hours each day, helping purify the air which can positively impact your blood pressure, mood, and stress levels.

    #4 Chamomile

    Chamomile is known for its calming effects as a bedtime drink. The gentle floral smell also does wonders for mood and is a great houseplant for if you’re feeling tense or stressed.

    #5 Chinese Evergreen

    The Chinese evergreen is a great choice for decorative purposes in any living room that can use a splash of green. It also filters toxins from the air and emits oxygen, which can bolster productivity and boost your sense of well-being.

    #6 Fern

    The fern is on par with a good humidifier and helps relieve stress by putting moisture back into the air and improving the breathability of the air in our homes. It’s also a gorgeous plant and would brighten any room in a hanging basket or a decorative pot.

    #7 Flamingo Lily

    This plant purifies our home of airborne toxins like formaldehyde, ammonia, toluene, and xylene, which can impact both our physical and mental health.

    #8 English Ivy

    The English ivy is not only a looker, the plant also is a hard worker and divests homes of up to 94% of its mold in as little as 12 hours. Exposure to mold can increase symptoms of insomnia, irritability, and depression.

    #9 Jade Plant

    The jade plant can bring more of an outdoorsy feel to your cozy home. This plant also has a talent for purging the air of indoor pollutants from paint and cleaning products, which contain chemicals that can make us feel foggy, stressed, and unwell.

    #10 Jasmine

    The floral scent of this Jasmine has a sedating effect and is a great option for those struggling with anxiety, insomnia, or poor sleep quality. This is another plant that is great for a nightstand or a windowsill in your bedroom.

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