The Best Of 15 Pretty Houseplants Are Safe For Your Kids

15 Pretty Houseplants Are Safe For Your Kids

You love growing some indoor plants in your living space but you have children. And you don’t know what plants you should grow that are safe for your baby while also giving greenery to your home. You are reading to the right place to find your own options. In this list, 1millionideas today will share The Best of 15 Pretty Houseplants Are Safe for Your Kids. Another good news, they are easy to care for and maintain, this is ideal for those who are busy regularly.
The Best Of 15 Pretty Houseplants Are Safe For Your Kids
In recent years, bringing indoor plants is preferred by many people of all ages. The simple reason, they not only improve a tired space in the home but also purify air quality and other health benefits as well. And these indoor plants today will also give great things as you desire. If you are attracted by their beauty and uses, let’s choose some to grow in your home right now!

#1 Jasmine

Image Credits: Waitrose Garden

#2 Dracaena

Image Credits: Patch Plants

#3 Air Plants

Image Credits: Treehugger

#4 Pothos

Image Credits: Patch Plants

#5 Lucky Bamboo

Image Credits: The Spruce

#6 Jade Plant

Image Credits: Hgvt

#7 Snake Plant

Image Credits: Terrace Ranch

#8 Peace Lily

Image Credits: Leaf Envy

#9 Rubber Tree

Image Credits: Brighter Blooms

#10 Christmas Cactus

Image Credits: Gardening Know How