15 Simple Gardening Hacks That You Will Love To Know

by Sasha Ridley

    Gardening is sometimes inexpensive at all. If you know how to reuse “trash” materials that are available around your home, it can save you a lot of money. It is also a good way to project environment, right? However, the most important thing here is these things are helpful for your gardening. Egg shells, for instance, would be an ideal container (or bed) to sow your seeds. I’ve tried this when building my organic herb garden and they actually satisfied me.


    In this post, I’m glad to share 15 simple gardening hacks that you will love to know. If you prefer chemical-free gardening tools and methods, these are right up your street. The use of cinnamon, ground coffee, milk jug, empty wine bottle and some other are introduced here. They are likely “throw-away” materials but can give you extra things when reused smartly. Just scroll down to the end to get to know all of them. Let’s get started!

    #1 Egg Shells

    Do you know that egg shells are ideal containers to sow your seeds? They are an excellent source of calcium, and your plants need it to grow healthily. You can also sprinkle them around your plants.

    They’re additionally a natural tool that deter snails and slugs that may eat up your plants.

    #2 Cinnamon Gets Rid of Molds

    Molds are one of most annoying issues that gardeners face. No one wants to get them near your plants. Of course, you can use chemical items to fight off these. But you can get an inexpensive and environment-friendly tool. Cinnamon. All you need to do is to sprinkle your cinnamon on the surface of the soil.

    #3 Coffee Ground

    Your plants need nitrogen to stay healthily. It helps plants make their own food without depending on other beings.

    An environment-friendly and inexpensive source of nitrogen you should try is ground coffee. It also contains tannic acids, and other nutrients that your plants love.

    #4 Empty Wine Bottle Can Serve As a Great Watering Solution

    Don’t let your empty wine bottles do to waste. They can be used as an effective plant watering technique. They will give your soil just enough water without flooding it.

    #5 Hanging Shoe Rack as a Vertical Garden

    You can definitely turn a hanging shoe rack into a vertical plant garden. This is perfect for your balcony, indoors and out. It’s also a charming green home decor.

    #6 Build Mini Greenhouse With a Milk Jug

    How to keep frost and pests far away from your plants? Simply use the top part of the jug to cover and protect them. You will have created a greenhouse very easily.

    #7 Mark Your Plants With Broken Pots

    Broken pots make beautiful rustic plant marks. This is one of the best way to reuse your broken pots. Believe us!

    #8 Plastic Forks

    Place plastic forks in your garden to prevent animals from pooping on your fresh produce. This doesn’t cost much, right?

    #9 Milk Jug as Watering Can

    Here is a watering can that you can get for free. Milk jug. Simply make some holes in the lid, and you have yourself a great watering can. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor plants.

    As watering can an important tool, why don’t you make this simple yet effective watering can of your own?

    #10 Basic Photo Album to Organize Seeds

    Find it hard to organize your seeds? Simply take out a basic photo album and lay the seeds in different spaces. All your seeds will be then safe in the same place with labels for easy identification.

    #11 Coffee Filters As Pot Liners

    Coffee filters can serve as liners for starter pots for seedlings. Place them at the bottom of your pot, and they will prevent the soil from leaking in your house.

    These pot liners are soft enough to allow water in but hard enough to keep the soil intact.

    #12 Toilet Paper Rolls

    Toilet paper rolls also make great starter pots. Don’t let them go to waste! They are biodegradable and will hold your plants in place effectively. When replant your plants into soil, put everything in and you won’t get any problem.

    #13 Vegetable Cooking Water

    Do you know that the best nutrients for plants come from plants? The next time when you boil vegetable, cool the water and return those nutrients to your garden.

    #14 Diapers For Soil Drainage

    This may sound funny, but they are very useful. As diapers are very absorbent, they can keep your soil moist for days. They will save you a lot of time watering your plants.  Just make sure that the absorbent part is facing up side.

    #15 Paper Towers As an Automatic Water Supply

    Worry about the watering for your plants while on vocation? A few paper towels and a glass of water will do the trick. This system will set the water on an automatic flow until you come back.

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