15 Stunning 4th Of July Hair Ideas To Do At Home

by Sasha Ridley

    This is a super easy yet interesting DIY project that every woman should try to celebrate the coming holiday. 4th of July. Just do some make up for your hair to get into the holiday’s spirit. Your hair would be chic then. Short hair, long hair, curly hair,.. all work with these ideas. The point here is you get interested, and have a little patience and skill. You even do this for your little girls. This will surprise her!


    So, this post is about 15 stunning 4th of July hair ideas to do at home. If you want to make yourself gorgeous during the holiday, just give these a try. Brush a favorite color and designs for your nails and put on a pretty dress, you will be attractive at the party. Just let yourself shine in the way you want. Let’s get started!

    #1 A Braided Bun With Star Clips


    #2 A Voluminous Ponytail With Scarf


    #3 Pulled Back With a Bow for the 4th


    #4 Bobby Pins With Stars for the 4th


    #5 A Bun With a Halo of Stars


    #6 A Twisted Updo for Short Hair


    #7 The Wet Look for the 4th


    #8 Blue Dip-Dyed Ends for 4th of July


    #9 Half-Up Pony With Soft Waves


    #10 Beach Waves With Clips for the 4th


    #11 Updo With Scarf


    #12 A High Fishtail Pony for the 4th


    #13 A Bun With Butterfly Clips for the 4th


    #14 A Sleek Low Bun With Gold Hair Accessory


    #15 A Ponytail With Tinsel for the 4th


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