15 Types Of Succulent Ground Covers For Your Garden Landscaping

by Marry Dell

    If you are looking for a plant to carpet a sunny and dry spot in your garden, let’s explore the world of succulents. For the simple reason, succulents are very versatile plants to add to your landscape. They come in different shapes, colors, and textures to bring beauty and practicality to any landscape. They do well in containers as well as planted in the ground. So, in this article today, 1millionideas will share 15 Types of Succulent Ground Covers for Your Garden Landscaping.
    15 Types Of Succulent Ground Covers For Your Garden Landscaping
    Although these succulents can grow well with little of your care, they need a flush and low-water garden to make a splendid groundcover. Also, low-growing with a creeping, spreading habit, groundcover succulents are an attractive and simple lawn grass alternative to deal with some problems of your garden such as fill the bare ground, suppress weed, and prevent erosion for your garden. Using succulent plants as ground cover means you will get good benefits to your garden!

    #1 Blue Chalk Sticks (Senecio Serpens)

    Image Credits: Thetutuguru

    Blue Chalk Sticks is a plant that can create a lunar or undersea landscape, and it also blooms with creamy white flowers in summer.

    #2 Broadleaf Stonecrop (Sedum Spathulifolium ‘Purpureum’)

    Image Credits: Longford Garden Center

    Broadleaf stonecrop will cover soil and rocks alike with wonderful round leaves, arranged in small rosettes. It is ideal for small places in full view.

    #3 Moss Rose (Portulaca Grandiflora)

    Image Credits: The Spruce

    Moss rose is one of the most vibrant and colorful flowering succulents you choose as choose a cover. These can be yellow, orange, magenta, red, or even white, and they are always brightly colored.

    #4 Purple Heart (Tradescantia Pallida ‘Purpurea’)

    Image Credits: World Of Succulents

    Purple heart is a common ground cover succulent thanks to its beautiful leaves and give you lovely flowers from late spring.

    #5 ‘Lipstick’ Echeveria (Echeveria Agavoides ‘Lipstick’)

    Image Credits: Gardenia

    ‘Lipstick’ Echeveria are suitable as carpeting plants, it spreads with pups and stolons, forming large clumps you can use as ground cover. Their leaves are bright green at the base and of the most vibrant crimson red tips and margins.

    #6 Hens And Chicks (Sempervivum Spp)

    Image Credits: Gardening Chores

    Hens and chicks are one of the best succulents for ground cover. They are very low and there are green, red, purple, blue and variegated ones.

    #7 Hens And Chicks ‘Red Rubin’ (Sempervivum ‘Red Rubin’)

    Image Credits: The Spruce

    Hens and chicks ‘Red Rubin’ is excellent if you want to cover the earth with the most vibrant and flaming color. It forms beautiful and full rosettes of fleshy pointed petals. In summer, it produces very showy pink and star-shaped flowers.

    #8 Hens And Chicks ‘Pacific Blue Ice’ (Sempervivum ‘Pacific Blue Ice’)

    Image Credits: Great Garden Plants

    Hens and chicks ‘Pacific Blue Ice’ is a good choice for an elegant part of your garden. The rosettes of this Sempervivum have long and pointed leaves. It is on the light purple pink shade on a blue undertone.

    #9 Soap Aloe (Aloe Maculata)

    Image Credits: World Of Succulents

    Soap aloe has amazing rosettes, and it does spread horizontally over the ground. It is good for larger areas, as this is a fairly large plant.

    #10 Jellybean Stonecrop (Sedum X Rubrotinctum)

    Image Credits: Gardenia

    Jellybean stonecrop is a lovely little carpeting plant for small areas. It just looks sweet and showy. It is a tiny plant with beautiful “long balloons” or jellybean-shaped leaves.

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