15 Uses of Borage in The Garden

15 Uses of Borage in The Garden

#11 Trap Crop for Aphids

One other great thing about borage is that it attracts aphids. Since it draws aphids to it, this plant can serve as a useful trap crop. Aphids will be drawn preferentially to your borage, which can keep them away from your other crops.

#12 Attract Other Beneficial Insects

They also attract a range of other, more beneficial insects. Insects like ladybugs and lacewings that prey on aphids will be drawn to their food source. And having these beneficial bugs in your garden can help maintain a balance in the garden ecosystem overall.

#13 Deter Certain Pests

Borage can also repel or deter certain pests, such as tomato hornworm, and cabbage moths.

#14 Great for Birds Too

Once borage goes to seed, the seed also provides food for a range of creatures, including a number of seed-eating bird species, such as finches. Attracting birds to your garden will help keep the ecosystem in balance, and help maintain a healthy biodiversity in your garden.

#15 Including Backyard Chickens

And wild birds are not the only creatures that could benefit. Your feathered backyard flock will also enjoy eating borage. It can be a useful addition to your hens’ foraged diet or can be chopped and tossed into their run to give your chickens a healthy treat.

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