16 Amazing Old Shutter Decor Ideas

16 Amazing Old Shutter Decor Ideas For Your Backyard

You are having some old shutters, and you want to throw them out. If you think about this, let’s consider some ideas today firstly. And here are 16 ideas that made from old shutters to decorate your backyard more beautiful and attractive than ever. We are sure that after reading the post, you will fall in love with these creative ideas so much. Check them out with us!
16 Amazing Old Shutter Decor Ideas
Taking them a look, they are easy to make. Just simple steps you can transform them into amazing decorations. You can accent with initial letters for a customized look, or painted in festive ways to reflect any holiday that you wish. Wall shutters can also hold flower pots or succulents for a fresh, blooming accent to your patio. And it’s easy to add metal hangers to slip in flower pots or Mason jars. It’s time to make some for your backyard right now.

#1 Shutter and Mason Jar Herb Garden

#2 Wall Shutter Holding Flower Pots

#3 Bright Yellow Shutters Made into a Planter

#4 Green Backdrop for a Planter Arrangement

#5 Build a Raised Garden Bed From an Old Shutter

#6 Vintage Shutter Pedestal

#7 Garden Angel

#8 Divider for your Yard or Patio

#9 Build This Cute Shutter Birdhouse

#10 Rustic Planter Box on a Bench

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