16 Cheap Garden Ideas That Used With Sticks and Twigs

16 Cheap Garden Ideas That Used With Sticks and Twigs

Have you ever thought that sticks and twigs will help you have a beautiful landscape for your backyard yet? If not yet, after reading the article today, you will fall in love with these ideas made from sticks and things instead of throwing them in the burn. And here are 16 cheap garden ideas that used with sticks and twigs for your garden. If you are love creativity, these ideas are for you.
16 Cheap Garden Ideas That Used With Sticks and Twigs
Taking them a look, they are not only beautiful but also useful, right? They are made from rustic which provokes a peaceful life in the countryside. With these ideas here, you can add beauty to your garden without any cost. Moreover, they are easy to make, so it is so great if you give them a try. The weekend is coming, let’s save and try on your days off.

#1 Make Twig Trellis

Make twig trellis to grow climbing flowers and lean it against the wall.

#2 A Twig House

This twig house like this will protect your young plants.

#3 Garden Decor Using Tree Branches

Another idea to grow your climbing plants.

#4 Wattle Fencing Using Twigs

This fencing brings a rustic charm to your backyard as you live in the countryside.

#5 Raised Garden

Making a raised garden can be a fun project, especially with using twigs.

#6 Upcycled Garden Trellis

This upcycled garden trellis can be used to grow cardinal vine for the hummingbirds.

#7 Twig Plant Markers

If you have a lot of plants in the large garden, these twig markers will help you recognize them easily.

#8 Weave Your Own Elevated Flower Bed

You can use flexible and long willow or dogwood twigs, then weave your own elevated flower bed in the backyard.

#9 Make Your Own Arbor

You can use either dried or fresh green wood for this project.

#10 Giant Garden Art Bird Nest

Use small tree branches and sticks to make a big nest, add giant plastic eggs to make it look realistic.