16 DIY Bottle Garden Ideas

16 DIY Bottle Garden Ideas

#11 Self-watering Wine Bottles

Self-watering ideas for the mini succulent garden.

#12 Self-watering Pots To Grow Indoor Plants

Apart from growing herbs, you also can grow some indoor plants like this spider plant.

#13 Wine Bottle Mini Gardens For The Tables

With these ideas, you can place them on the tabletop, or hang on the wall, both look great.

#14 Whiskey Bottle Planter

Your whiskey will work well as a real planter. You can grow some succulents to make diverse.

#15 Floating Glass Wine Bottle Planter

Great ideas to place on your table party at the weekend.

#16 Hanging Wine Bottle Planter In The Garden

It is so simple, hanging them in the garden, your neighbor will be surprised.

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