16 DIY Bottle Garden Ideas

by Marry Dell

    There are too many wine bottles in corner of your house. Apart from throwing them, you don’t have any ideas to reuse them effectively. Don’t worry, the article today we will give you some recommendations. And here are 16 bottle garden ideas that you make easily at your home. They will become useful things in your house beyond your imagination. Don’t hesitate, let’s learn them about with us.
    16 DIY Bottle Garden Ideas
    Instead of putting them in the trash, you can give them new missions such as planters, lamps, and flowerpots. They look great in all. Whether indoor or outdoor, you can place them anywhere you want. Making your house more beautiful and impressive is their mission, and we believe that they not only become useful but also will be artworks to brighten up all your space. Save them and make some for the next weekend.

    #1 Plant Pots Hanging Upside Down

    The idea is great to hang in front of your window where the plant can get a part of the sun in the early morning.

    #2 Handmade Lamp

    You can set this wine bottle lamp on your desktop or table coffee to decorate. It will brighten up all your space.

    #3 DIY Wine Bottle Candles

    The wine bottle candles are so impressive, right? You can put a few herbs inside of the bottle to make it more vibrant. It is a great idea for your party table this weekend.

    #4 Wine Bottle to Grow Orchid

    You also can grow your favorite orchid in a wine bottle like this, then hang it on your porch.

    #5 DIY Wine Bottle Hanging Planters

    Other wine bottle planter ideas, but you can place the ideas at right your garden. Hanging them in the tall trees, and your garden will have the new members.

    #6 DIY Wine Bottle Planter for Succulents

    It is the perfect combination between mini succulents and a wine bottle. Fill up with pebbles, then grow any of your succulent what you love.

    #7 Hanging Glass Bottles with Ropes

    Great ideas for pretty flower pots made from white wine bottles. You also play fake flowers to alternative for fresh flowers, and then hang them on your porch or your garden. They will exist year-round.

    #8 Wine Bottles Candle Holder+Chandelier

    What do you think about this impressive lantern? Using half of the wine bottle, setting inside them by tiny candles, grow some small plants to closer with the environment. It will light up your whole garden in the dark. It is perfect for a summer BBQ party or winter nights.

    #9 Plants in Mason Jars

    And this is a convenience in right your kitchen. Growing herbs that you need, they will ready to serve you in all time. They look so clean when grown in the Marjon jars like this.

    #10 Colorful Bottle Garden

    You also create a mini forest in right your home. So easy to make.

    #11 Self-watering Wine Bottles

    Self-watering ideas for the mini succulent garden.

    #12 Self-watering Pots To Grow Indoor Plants

    Apart from growing herbs, you also can grow some indoor plants like this spider plant.

    #13 Wine Bottle Mini Gardens For The Tables

    With these ideas, you can place them on the tabletop, or hang on the wall, both look great.

    #14 Whiskey Bottle Planter

    Your whiskey will work well as a real planter. You can grow some succulents to make diverse.

    #15 Floating Glass Wine Bottle Planter

    Great ideas to place on your table party at the weekend.

    #16 Hanging Wine Bottle Planter In The Garden

    It is so simple, hanging them in the garden, your neighbor will be surprised.

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