16 Edible Ground Cover Plants

16 Edible Ground Cover Plants

#11 True Sorrel

True Sorrel is edible. It makes comfortable, hardy ground cover plants, even for well-trodden paths.

#12 Purslane

Purslane is a pretty little plant that looks succulent and grows like a weed. It is great to uck it into salads.

#13 Mint

Mint is a hardy, fast-growing perennial herb. The leaves are tender and fragrant, with a strong mint flavor that can be used to flavor foods and brew herbal teas.

#14 Roman Chamomile

This ground cover has apple-scented chamomile and lovely little flowers. You can add chamomile leaves and flowers to salads or make mild, delicately flavored jellies with them.

#15 Wood Violets

Wood Violets make an ideal springtime ground cover. Harvest and candy the flowers to decorate cakes, cupcakes, cocktails, and cookies.

#16 Wild Thyme

Wild Thyme forms a very low, springy mat of fragrant leaves and tiny pink flowers.

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