16 Exciting Dish Garden Plants

16 Exciting Dish Garden Plants

It is wonderful and interesting when you can be viewed the natural beauty of flowers or plants at your desk, drinking table, or study table. They not only bring shimmer to your interior space but also helps your spirit relax, and relieve pressure. So, create great tabletop mini gardens are our recommendations today. And here are 16 Exciting Dish Garden Plants to make your space look more green and attractive. They can easily flourish in a shallow dish or bowl!
16 Exciting Dish Garden Plants
In addition to bringing a green appeal indoors, they also have different benefits. For example, pothos and philodendron can filter the air and harmful radiation; echeveria helps stress relief and promote your creativity; nerve plant and purple heart with their beautiful appearance that make you love life more. Each has its own secret, so great, right?

#1 Croton

Croton has oval or lance-shaped, leathery, smooth-edged bright colored leaves that are usually patterned with stripes or blotches. With many colorful varieties, they are perfect for large dish gardens. They grow well in partial sun.

#2 Poinsettia

Add flair and drama to your interior decor with colorful foliage of ‘Poinsettia.’ Go with mini-poinsettia variety as it remains compact and shows a stunning display with cheerful colors.

#3 Purple Waffle Plant

The colorful purple foliage with a wrinkled look has a similar texture to a waffle. It looks good in a dish garden and various container arrangements with other compact plants.

#4 ZZ Plant

The stiff, flat pinnate foliage of ZZ Plant, with a thick tuberous stem, looks great in the dish garden. Give it enough the moisture and humidity.

#5 Jade Plant

It has thick, fleshy, oval leaves, and as the plant grows, the stems turn thick and woody, giving it a miniature tree-like appearance. Apart from its ornamental beauty, the jade plant is also considered a lucky plant.

#6 Peace Lily

The peace lily is an outstanding houseplant that looks striking in a dish garden and complements other plants as well. The bracts appear in spring and look stunning with the green foliage. However, remember that the plant contains calcium oxalate so keep your pets and children away from it!

#7 Panda Plant

Panda plant can be an exciting addition to your succulent dish garden! It has fuzzy foliage covered with tiny hair, tinted with brown spots on the edges.

#8 Moon Cactus & Bunny Ear Cactus

Moon cactus and bunny ear cactus grow similar, so you can even plant them together in your dish garden.

#9 Echeveria

This genus has some amazing range of varieties available in many shapes and colors, you can pair them with other cacti or succulents to provide similar growing conditions.

#10 Lucky Bamboo

The sturdy stems of lucky bamboo perform well in pure water or in dishes with soil in a range of light conditions. It is very easy to care.

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