16 Houseplants That Have Attractive Rainbow Leaves

by Marry Dell

    Growing colorful plants to add more vivid in your home instead of just having normal green, this post today is for you. Here is a list of 16 Houseplants That Have Attractive Rainbow Leaves for a splash of colors to dazzle your home escape from dull space. They are great for those who love colorful foliage, and if you are a fan of colorful plants, check them out with us!
    16 Houseplants That Have Attractive Rainbow Leaves
    When it comes to decor the home, houseplants with different colored leaves add vivid and dramatic appeals and vibes. So, colorful plants are not only fun for adults, but they can also be educational for kids who love nature more. All are unique and interesting to encourage your kid’s imagination to run wild. After reading this post, we hope that you will find some houseplants you love most and grow them to see their natural beauty right in your home.

    #1 Rose Painted Calathea

    Source: Etsy

    Rose Painted Calathea shows off the dark green, rose, and ivory shades on broad striped leaves.

    #2 Moses-in-the-Cradle

    Source: Plantwerkz

    Moses-in-the-Cradle offers a rosette of sword-like, narrow, spiral-shaped dark green leaves with pink margins, creamy-white streaks, and purple undersides.

    #3 Caladium

    Source: Bhg

    There are many Caladium varieties that come in colorful midribs, diverse shapes and margins, and eye-catching variegation.

    #4 Polka Dot Plant

    Source: Dengarden

    Polka Dot Plant produces pretty pink leaves are embellished with dark green patches.

    #5 Friendship Plant (Billbergia ‘Hallelujah’)

    Source: Davesgarden

    Friendship Plant has upright red-green leaves splashed in white dots, which liven up any boring area with its colors.

    #6 Aglaonema

    Source: Nurserynisarga

    The plant displays a range of colorful rainbow-like foliage with green leaves and bold pink margins, which has spotted foliage with dusty pink spots on dark green wide leaves.

    #7 Rainbow Peperomia

    Source: Elysianplantcompany

    Rainbow Peperomia is a compact houseplant with slender leaves that display a magnificent combination of green and cream.

    #8 Ginny Galaxy

    Source: Unknow

    Ginny Galaxy has dark green leaves splashed in pink color with a touch of silver and burgundy red variegation.

    #9 Rainbow Festive Dance

    Source: Plantsmap

    Rainbow Festive Dance offers rich bronze or chocolate-brown leaves with a fiery orange or maroon center and light green edges.

    #10 Red Star (Fittonia ‘Red Star’)

    Source: Tropicsathome

    Red Star has green leaves striped in deep red-pink veins.

    #11 Kalanchoe Humilis

    Source: Worldofsucculents

    Kalanchoe Humilis puts off pale green egg-shaped foliage patterned with maroon or purple streaks on a branched, woody base.

    #12 Wild Rabbit

    Source: Flickr

    Wild Rabbit has rounded foliage at the ends, this plant stands out with its light green leaves and red banding, the white variegation compliments its open rosette shape.

    #13 Bush on Fire Croton

    Source: Anselandivy

    Bush on Fire Croton has a blend of red, green, pink, yellow that makes it look great in any space of your home.

    #14 Pink Rubber Plant

    Source: Anselandivy

    Pink Rubber Plant displays yellow, pink, beige, or red spots on thick, shiny leaves.

    #15 Stromanthe Tricolor

    Source: Bambooland

    Stromanthe Tricolor has slender leaves with white variegation with shades of light pink or peach.

    #16 Rainbow Bush Jade Plant

    Source: Treetify

    Rainbow Bush Jade Plant shows off a blend of multiple colors and does best in bright, indirect light.

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