16 Indoor Plants That Can Boost Your Productivity

by Marry Dell

    The benefits of indoor plants are undeniable. They not only bring green space but also help you feel more energetic every day. In many science results of NASA, most indoor plants have been proven that they have a positive impact on air quality, which helps in increased focus, improved performance, positive mood, and stress reduction. So, in this post today, we will introduce 16 Indoor Plants That Can Boost Your Productivity and you can grow in the working area.
    16 Indoor Plants That Can Boost Your Productivity
    Apart from owning the natural beauty that could steal everyone’s heart, they also have other great features. For example, these plants are easy to grow, they can adapt to any condition quickly without requiring take care a lot. And they just require to take a little space that is enough to brighten up your any space such as tabletops, desk, windowsill… No matter where you place them are, they’ll add more appeal to your living space.

    #1 Parlor Palm

    This excellent air-purifying plant looks great with long fronds in homes and offices. It also humidifies the indoor air, which creates a relaxed environment, enhancing productivity.

    #2 ZZ Plant

    ZZ plant is effective in boosting cognitive function by improving air quality.

    #3 Monstera

    These plants are not only gorgeous but functional as well when it comes to purifying indoor air, which prevents sore throat and respiratory problems that indirectly affect productivity.

    #4 Snake Plant

    The snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue is your perfect home office plant, it brings protective energy to the place and removes negative Chi.

    #5 Kentia Palm

    Kentia is an excellent option for offices to boost work performance as this elegant and graceful palm emits an ample amount of moisture into the air and filters toxins.

    #6 Peace Lily

    This beautiful plant absorbs VOCs like benzene, toluene, xylene, and carbon monoxide from the air that have adverse effects on your overall health and nervous system.

    #7 Chinese Evergreen

    This attractive foliage houseplant helps in increasing oxygen levels in indoor air, which aids in enhancing productivity and improving health both in the workplace and at home.

    #8 Spider Plant

    This plant cleanses pollutants like toluene that have a negative impact on vision, concentration, and hearing.

    #9 Philodendron

    Exposure to VOCs can induce headaches, lack of concentration, and drowsiness, and this amazing houseplant is an excellent way to remove them.

    #10 Lemon Balm

    The pleasant smell of Lemon Balm leaves has therapeutic properties that can reduce anxiety and improve memory function.

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