16 Inspiring Ideas For Vertical Ladder Planters

16 Inspiring Ideas For Vertical Ladder Planters

Loving garden working but you are lacking space to grow your favorite plants? No problem here! It will be dealt with in the post. These are 16 Inspiring Ideas For Vertical Ladder Planters that are for you. By using ladder planters as a smart tool, you will not only have your small green garden in your own ways but also save you a lot of space. This mini garden is a perfect choice for those who are living in an apartment.
16 Inspiring Ideas For Vertical Ladder Planters
Just taking them a look, you will see that they are easy to create, right? You just spend your free time with some little effort, you will have your dream garden which is vegetables, herbs or flowers. Some designs have impressive structures that can make your guests fall in love with. Can’t wait anymore, let’s start with us!

#1 Old Ladder Plant Holder

This great idea from recycling old ladder, tins cans in a beautiful way to hang planters using spoons and forks.

#2 DIY Ladder Made from Branches

It is interesting and unique! A ladder made from branches and used to hang buckets.

#3 $10 Tiered Flower Planter or Herb Garden Ladder

It’s cheap and functional, this DIY vertical gardening project is perfect to follow.

#4 Vertical Ladder Vegetable Garden

Creating ladder vegetable garden to grow vegetables vertically in your urban-dwelling. This is smart idea!

#5 Ladder Plant Stand

Let’s create this ladder plant stand like this for your small garden to grow vegetables.

#6 Outdoor Garden Decor

Use a ladder to showcase plants in your garden, place planters on it or any other decorative garden items.

#7 Sawhorse Bookcase Plant Stand

Build this sawhorse bookcase plant stand using not more than 3 tools. Keep it in any room, balcony or patio or use it in your garden.

#8 Vintage Drawer Ladder Planter

Re-purpose matured drawers and an old ladder to replicate this vintage cottage style ladder planter.

#9 DIY Ladder Planter

Create a lot of vertical space by copying this basic DIY ladder planter idea.

#10 Ladder Herb Garden

Transform a ladder into this beautiful and bountiful herb garden for your urban home.

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