16 Inspiring Ideas For Vertical Ladder Planters

16 Inspiring Ideas For Vertical Ladder Planters

#11 Ladder Trellis

Provide support to the climbers by using a metallic or wooden ladder.

#12 DIY Cedar Ladder Planter

To add more gardening space to your urban garden, let’s build this cedar ladder planter!

#13 Verticle Step-Ladder Garden

What an ingenious idea to make use of frayed step ladder. Try with it!

#14 Ladder Vertical Garden

Customize your front door area in an inexpensive way with DIY, this is simple but functional ladder vertical garden.

#15 Tiered Ladder Garden

Create this tiered ladder plant stand by using a worn-out ladder and a few wooden planks.

#16 Upcycled Ladder Planter

Hang an unused ladder horizontally and fix pots on it. It is small nice flower garden!