16 Magic Powers Of Banana Peels

#11 Shine Your Shoes

Just as banana peels are great for your skin, you can also use them to condition and polish your leather shoes. Rub the soft inside of a piece of ripe peel over the leather to refresh, clean, and shine!

#12 Polish Silver

The same fruit acids that make banana peels ideal for rejuvenating skin also make them perfect for polishing silver. Simply rub the inside of a piece of rip peel over dull and tarnished silver to restore its natural glow.

#13 Whiten Teeth

Rub the soft inside of a fresh piece of banana peel on your teeth once per day for two weeks to remove stains and shine them without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

#14 Make Vinegar

Use your banana peels to create vinegar. Banana peel vinegar has a wonderfully sour, slightly bitter flavor with sweet undertones and makes a healthy and interesting flavoring for salads and other vegetable dishes.

#15 Tenderize Meat

Add a ripe banana peel to the bottom of a roasting pan to keep the meat moist and tender while it’s cooking.

#16 Banana Peel Juice

There are a lot of vitamins and nutrients in the peel of a banana. Take advantage of all of that extra nutritional value by juicing your peels. Simply add peels to a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes to extract the juices, remove peels, and let cool. You can then add the resulting banana peel juice to smoothies or other drinks for a boost of vitamins and minerals.

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