17 Beautiful Flower For Window Boxes

17 Beautiful Flower For Window Boxes

#11 Contrasting Light and Dark

These gorgeous window boxes that contain a variety of flowers including lobelias and petunias. The darker colors of the plants are the perfect complement to the light blue shudders.

#12 Greenery Filled Window Box

Variegated ivy, variegated grass, and cedar are a few of the green fronds that make this arrangement so stunning.

#13 Keeping It Minimal

If you are fans of neutrals and minimalist design styles, sticking with a natural box and sprinkling in a few simple plants like ivy is a great way to continue your style outdoors.

#14 Sharp and Sleek Black Window Box

A mix of different textures, colors, and shapes make this box from Rouvalis Flowers a feast for the senses. Pink azaleas, pink heather, pansies, blue hydrangea, and pussy willows are just a few of the flowers that make up this fantastic arrangement. Or you can mixing a random variety under your favorite—they might blend together better than you think.

#15 Larger Than Life Blooms

These gorgeous window boxes with feature a mix of larger-sized geraniums.

#16 Monochrome Color Palette Window Box

To make a dramatic impression, let’s choose a single color and building a window box from there can make a dramatic impression. Different textures of flowers between the hydrangeas and spiller flowers prevent anything from feeling too dull.

#17  Bright and Vibrant Floral Mix

A mixture of tulips, pansies, and small daffodils make the window box more colorful and eye-catching. The different levels of flowers and bold mix of shades create a quintessential springtime look.