17 Beautiful Flowers That Don’t Need Much Water

by Marry Dell

    Like the sun, water plays an important role in plant growth. But, there are also some varieties that can survive in a water shortage environment, even in harsher conditions. If you live in an area with unfavorable weather, consider growing these drought-tolerant flowers below. They not only adapt to the weather but also bring stunning flowers to liven up your garden and landscape.
    17 Beautiful Flowers That Don't Need Much Water
    All flowers have excellent drought tolerance they can still grow on lasting hot days or your oblivion. They also do not require too many good living conditions such as soil or nutrients. So, you can grow them to see beautiful flowers in your yard but you don’t have the time. There are ways to have all that colorful beauty in the yard and growing these flowers that don’t need much water or care is one of the great ideas.

    #1 Lavender

    Source: Gardeningknowhow

    Lavender is easy to grow and tolerant of heat and drought and offers the perfect combination of color and aroma. You can also plant it in the pot, just be sure the pot has good drainage because the plant can not tolerate excess water.

    #2 Bougainvillea

    Source: Herbsfromdistantlands

    #3 Portulaca

    Source: Naturebring

    Portulaca is a drought-tolerant flowering plant that thrives in dry, poor soil. It can survive for a long time without water. It comes in a variety of colors and requires warmth to grow well.

    #4 Blanket Flower “Gaillardia”

    Source: Siestasand

    The blanket flower blooms all summer long and also in the fall. It is possible to grow this plant in both cold and warm tropical climates.

    #5 Lantana

    Source: Uoifa

    The flower of lantana has fragrant and colorful. It blooms throughout the spring and summer, in warmer areas, it has year-round flowers. It loves heat and drought, a less demanding plant and can be grown in any soil type. Its flowers attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

    #6 Wallflower

    Source: Lovethegarden

    The wallflowers resist drought well and require occasional watering. Flowers appear in spring and summer in clusters. Put your wallflower plant in a sunny or partially shaded place and remember not to water it much.

    #7 Oleander

    Source: Thespruce

    Oleander is a tropical shrub that blooms prolifically. It adapts well to hot and dry climates and grows very well in coastal areas. It prefers full sun but doesn’t mind a few hours of shade too.

    #8 Poppy

    Source: Earth

    Poppies are the biggest attraction in any garden or a patio with their vibrant colors. To grow this plant, all you need is sufficient exposure to sun and low to moderate watering.

    #9 Lavender Cotton

    Source: Truelementsstore

    This mound-forming shrub has grey-green foliage and pretty button-like flower heads that appear in summer. Grow this plant in well-draining, loamy soil in full sun.

    #10 Verbena

    Source: Garden.lovetoknow

    Verbena is an excellent ground cover that spreads rapidly and thrives in high heat and a little water. It needs full sun and well-drained soil.

    #11 Rock Daisy

    Source: Minnetonkaorchards

    Rock Daisy is most suitable for the rock gardens, these flowering plants thrive well in neglect and the lack of water.

    #12 Rose Campion

    Source: Gardeningknowhow

    Rose Campion is one of the drought-tolerant plants that are easy to grow. It requires only supplemental watering during prolonged dry periods.

    #13 Claret Cup Cactus

    Source: Starnursery

    This cactus plant can grow up to 3 feet and produces bright orange juicy fruits that have a strawberry-like taste.

    #14 Sedum

    Source: Istockphoto

    Known for its resistance to drought, it just water it once a week in the spring and summer and, and once a month in winter. This plant grows well in all soil types and prefers plenty of light and sunshine.

    #15 Rock Soapwort

    Source: Homestratosphere

    Rock Soapwort blooms in summer. It doesn’t grow well in hot climates. Grow this plant if you’re searching for the one that thrives on neglect, requires no fertilizers, and performs well in poor soil in the drought-like conditions.

    #16 Adenium

    Source: Gardeningknowhow

    Adenium is a tropical succulent plant that requires occasional watering. It needs full sun and heat to thrive.

    #17 Red Valerian

    Source: Tthme

    This drought-tolerant plant has fragrant round clusters of flowers that appear in late spring. Once planted, the Red Valerian needs occasional watering and is relatively low care.

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