17 Best Beautiful Landscaping Plants That Can Be Eaten

by Sasha Ridley

    Owning a small space that isn’t enough to grow all your favorite plants. You just can wait for them at the end of the harvest or when they fall to replacement planting. Don’t have to like that, in the article, today have great solutions for you. Those are edible landscaping plants! Growing them in the garden, not only make you have pretty landscaping but also give you green vegetables. Spending your time checking them out with us.

    17 Best Beautiful Landscaping Plants That Can Be Eaten

    Asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke, Globe artichoke… and more. They are quite popular plants, with a little thought you can create a beautiful and edible landscape. They are easy to grow and take care of, whether you are not good at growing plants, you also have an edible landscaping garden easily without spending a lot of effort.

    #1 Jerusalem Artichoke

    The tubers can be harvested as needed during the winter months, and are best after a hard frost. Try roasting them, steaming them, or mashing them with a little butter and nutmeg.

    #2 Globe Artichoke

    The globe artichoke has a delicious taste, this plant also provides a stunningly architectural centerpiece for any garden.

    #3 Rose Hips

    Rose hips can be used to make highly nutritious teas, jellies, syrups, and even soup! And rose petals have long been used in Middle Eastern cuisine to make rose water, if you have never had rosewater sorbet on a hot day, it’s a tonic that comes highly recommended.

    #4 American Groundnut

    The American groundnut is a shade-tolerant vine that produces edible tubers, similar to potatoes, as well as a pea-like seed.

    #5 Fig Tree

    Try adding figs to salads, desserts, and even marinades for meat—pork and figs are a match made in heaven. Fig brûlée makes for a quick, easy dessert treat.

    #6 Rainbow Chard

    Chard as a border plant around perennial beds. As their name suggests, some of the rainbow mixes create a beautiful array of colors that’s hard to beat.

    #7 Nasturtium

    We are so used to eating fruits, leaves, and roots/tubers, yet there is something quite magical about the idea of eating flowers. Serve up a salad that includes nasturtium flowers on a hot sunny day. The leaves are edible too with a slightly spicy, radish-like flavor.

    #8 Serviceberries

    Serviceberries are easy to care for, beautiful, and produce a prolific crop of blueberry-like fruits. Also known as shadblow, shadbush, juneberry or saskatoon, it is said to produce beautiful spring flowers, and to provide year-round interest in the garden.

    #9 Chives

    Chives are easy to grow, tasty, and beautiful. It’s not just the stems that are edible. Next time you see them flowering, try breaking up those purple blossoms and scattering them on a salad.

    #10 Chinquapin

    The chinquapin produces small chestnut-like nuts. It seems like an ideal addition to an edible landscaping project.

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