17 Flower Types That Look Like Roses

17 Flower Types That Look Like Roses

When it comes to flowers, roses are the queen, the most famous, loved, iconic flowering plants in the world. That is the reason why most people love this flower. If you also love the elegant beauty of the rose, you won’t miss out on this article today. Here we’ve listed some flowers that look like roses, but they are not roses, which you will be amazed at when knowing about their amazing similarity.

Do you know that different types of flowering plant species with a similar rose-like appearance tend to be more attractive in your garden? And these types will bloom stunning flowers to brighten up all space of your garden. Each has its own beauty but they the typical shape and look of roses, of course, you will have exciting experiences when looking at them right in your garden every day. Spend your time and learn about their beauty here!

#1 Camelia

#2 Peony

#3 Anemone

#4 Hydrangea

#5 Carnation

#6 Begonia

#7 Tulip

#8 Buttercup

#9 Dianthus

#10 Double Impatiens