Great Ways to Reuse Your Old Plastic Bottles

17 Great Ways to Reuse Your Old Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are an item that most of us use every day. After using, they will become useless and be thrown in the trash. And that’s the way people usually do it. However, there are many ways to reuse those old plastic bottles. So don’t recycle, let’s reuse them with our ideas below.

Great Ways to Reuse Your Old Plastic Bottles

Here are 17 Great Ways to Reuse Your Old Plastic Bottles that maybe you don’t know. They are not only simple, useful, easy to do but also super creative ideas and extremely impressive. Moreover, when reusing them, it means you are protecting the environment and save resources, surely you will be very surprised with the “second life” of these bottles! Let’s get start them if you are interested in.

#1 Hanging Herb Baskets

This is one of the clever ways to use your regular soda bottle. It is a hanging planter.

#2 Bird Feeder

It is a great way to keep the rain out of the bird seed and give them a little help.

#3 Arts and Crafts

It is great idea for the bottom of a soda bottle is perfectly shaped to make a cherry blossom print.

#4 Plant Pots

These cat planters are gorgeous and easy to make. Try it!

#5 Rocket Blasters

A unique idea for a latest fashion theme that your kids will love so much and want to wear at all time.

#6 Pencil Storage

You can storage anything that you want! That is great idea for sorting all those craft room goodies? It’s so neat!

#7 DIY Vegetable Garden

Instead of buying pots, this is smart way to grow your favorite vegetables.

#8 Hedgehog planter

This is my favorite Plastic bottle craft ever! It looks so cute in the garden.

#9 Ocean in a Bottle

A simple ocean in a bottle that will create curiosity for your kids to learn. Hours of play and no mess. That’s the best part!

#10 No Sew Pencil Case (and Tutorial)

This Soda Bottle Pencil Craft from Doodle Craft is the perfect size for bulky stationery items and you can see what’s inside so no more scrounging around looking for that pencil sharpener. Everything is available.

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