17 Interesting Recycled Garden Planters

by Marry Dell

    There are too many old items in your house, but you don’t know how to solve them. If you are finding ways to get rid of them from your house, you are in the right place. Here we will give you a great idea to transform them into useful things to make your house become more beautiful and attractive. That is planters, it sounds great, right? Don’t’ hesitate, let’s spend your time checking 17 interesting recycled garden planters with us.
    17 Interesting Recycled Garden Planters
    Taking them a look, they are so perfect, so great! Everything will be better when you know the right ways to take advantage of them. These projects range from shoes, bags, bikes to massive bigger boats or cars, and more. All of them can have a second life instead of thrown away, and you are a great maker. They are easy and simple to make without requiring any effort. To do this, you just fill up soil and plant any plants, herbs, flowers what types you want! And they are ready to become your own works. Try some and see what they beautiful are.

    #1 Hanging Boot Planter

    #2 Rusty Trough Sets Off Colorful Blossoms

    #3 Glass Bottles Stack Up to a Unique Planter

    #4 Pallet Garden Shows Off Leafy Greens

    #5 Old Denim Jean Planter

    #6 All Aboard the Flower Train

    #7 Rustic Old Bike Planter

    #8 Re-Tired and Ready for Planting

    #9 Umbrella Planter

    #10 Old Car Planter

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