17 Plants Can Get Rid of Fleas From Your House

17 Plants Can Get Rid of Fleas From Your House

#11 Sweet Bay

Whether dried or fresh, the leaves of this plant are effective in driving away pests like fleas and flies. It also keeps mice and other vermin away.

#12 Citronella

Citronella is more well-known as a deterrent to mosquitoes. However, those jumpy fleas don’t like the citrus smell of the plant either.
Keep the flea population down by having this plant around.

#13 Tansy Ragwort

The weed plant with the funny name is an effective all-around insect repellant. On top of repelling fleas, it also gets rid of scabies and lice.

#14 Eucalyptus

The eucalyptus plant is unappealing to fleas thanks to its scent. It helps that it’s an ornamental tree with waxy leaves and a robust aroma that’s appealing to humans. Its eucalyptus oil is great for skin ulcers and arthritis as well as asthma.

#15 Wormwood

This herb is widely known as a potent flea repellant plant. It’s an ornamental plant that serves as an ingredient for absinthe, which is a spirit or alcoholic drink.

#16 Chrysanthemums

You’d want to plant chrysanthemums even if your pets don’t have flea infestations. Its pyrethrum chemical repels many insects, including fleas and ticks.

#17 Lavender

This fragrant and beautiful plant repels fleas. It’s like a rose with how it has a pleasing scent, vibrant flowers, and attractive foliage.

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