17 Plants Can Get Rid of Fleas From Your House

by Sasha Ridley

    Fleas live by the parasite feeding on animals, especially dogs, cats, and even humans. Currently, there are more than 2000 different species of fleas in the world. They are the main causes of skin diseases such as rashes, allergies, infections, and inflammation in the neck, hands, face, and feet. In addition, fleas also are the mediation of the transmission of diseases such as fever, fluke… If the host is sucked blood by fleas for a long time, this will lose its resistance, thereby risking death. So, eliminating fleas in the home is always a problem that many people are concerned about, especially those who keep pets.

    17 Plants Can Get Rid of Fleas From Your House

    In the article today, we want to recommend 17 plants that repel fleas from your house. If you find fleas in your home but you concern about potentially harmful insecticides, you can try to control them by growing these plants. This natural control is one of the safest, cheapest, and most effective ways that you will amaze. At the same time, let fight flea infections in other ways like cleaning the house bathroom, bathing and grooming your pet, and taking steps to control fleas in the yard.

    #1 Fleabane Daisy

    It’s a cute flower but fleas don’t like it, hence the name. This daisy is also known as pennyroyal. It’s also part of the mint family. It’s minty, it’s beautiful, it’s a daisy, and it repels fleas.

    #2 Fleawort

    As for fleawort, it’s also the bane of the flea’s existence. It looks like yellow daisies. Even though its seeds look like fleas it still effectively repels the actual fleas.

    #3 Mint

    Like other insects, fleas also hate the smell of mint.

    #4 Catnip

    Cats love catnip but fleas are not. If you have a cat, use this plant to get rid of his fleas. The fleas will jump elsewhere.

    #5 Rosemary

    Fleas hate rosemary, more specifically, they hate the rosemary herb. The rosemary herb is highly effective as a flea repellant.

    #6 Marigolds

    Marigolds are one of the most multifunctional flowers out there. It not only repels fleas but also brings many benefits. It’s also used for reducing diaper rash or decreasing scar discoloration. Furthermore, it treats burns, swollen bug bites, dermatitis, eczema, bruises, and cuts. It’s herbal medicine for skincare purposes.

    #7 Rue

    Using a mixture of water and rue to keep fleas away.

    #8 Chamomile

    The plant is good enough to calm down flea activity.

    #9 Sage

    f you want to secure your home’s perimeter from fleas, then plant and grow this plant. Sage should go on all fields.

    #10 Lemon Grass

    Its presence in your garden should reduce mosquito infestations as well as flea populations. The grass repels both of those insects.

    #11 Sweet Bay

    Whether dried or fresh, the leaves of this plant are effective in driving away pests like fleas and flies. It also keeps mice and other vermin away.

    #12 Citronella

    Citronella is more well-known as a deterrent to mosquitoes. However, those jumpy fleas don’t like the citrus smell of the plant either.
    Keep the flea population down by having this plant around.

    #13 Tansy Ragwort

    The weed plant with the funny name is an effective all-around insect repellant. On top of repelling fleas, it also gets rid of scabies and lice.

    #14 Eucalyptus

    The eucalyptus plant is unappealing to fleas thanks to its scent. It helps that it’s an ornamental tree with waxy leaves and a robust aroma that’s appealing to humans. Its eucalyptus oil is great for skin ulcers and arthritis as well as asthma.

    #15 Wormwood

    This herb is widely known as a potent flea repellant plant. It’s an ornamental plant that serves as an ingredient for absinthe, which is a spirit or alcoholic drink.

    #16 Chrysanthemums

    You’d want to plant chrysanthemums even if your pets don’t have flea infestations. Its pyrethrum chemical repels many insects, including fleas and ticks.

    #17 Lavender

    This fragrant and beautiful plant repels fleas. It’s like a rose with how it has a pleasing scent, vibrant flowers, and attractive foliage.

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