17 Stunning Garden Ideas That You Will Love

17 Stunning Garden Ideas That You Will Love

#11 Classic and Private

This is a great design for a large garden. The trees give a classic look without being overpowering, and a high fence or wall will shield your garden from view while blocking out some sound.

#12 Traditional Pathway

This is a traditional design but a walkway lined with incredible flowers is anything but boring. Combine your favorite blooms for a look that is delightfully overgrown without being neglected. This would look superb with antiqued cobblestones, as well.

#13 Miniature Potted Worlds

If you’re looking to brighten a tiny garden, you can construct tiny fantasy worlds in containers with small succulents and moss keep it green while miniature houses and accessories keep the look light-hearted and fun. This would be a great project for your kids to help with.

#14 Indoor Oasis

For the beauty of a garden all year, building a greenhouse is perfect. You can enjoy your blooms rain or shine and keep more delicate plants protected from the elements. The glass provides a ton of natural light and a stone walkway brings the outdoors in.

#15 Gnome’s Paradise

This setup is fun, children especially will love peeking at the little gnome with his windmill home. It echoes the wooden playhouse quite well and preserves a sense of whimsy without being too childish.

#16 Eco-Friendly Seating Area

For the ultimate in eco-friendly garden furniture, go with grass-covered chairs and a table.

#17 Wilderness in Bloom

If you enjoy the “overgrown” look while still being able to find a place to sit, think about hanging flowers and trellises to surround yourself with beauty and fragrance. Slip a comfortable bench under your hanging flowers and relax.

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