18 Clever Gardening Hacks And Tips

by Marry Dell

    Your gardening work will become extremely gentle and easy after you read our post today. The simple reason, we’ve listed a wide range of hacks and tips to help your gardening simpler than ever. And if you are having problems with your garden, these are great solutions to apply. If you are interested, let’s learn them about with us.
    18 Clever Gardening Hacks And Tips That You Should Know
    Not using an insecticide or chemical fertilizer, but you absolutely have a healthy garden without weed, without harmful insect disturbances, without appearing uninvited visitors, and more. All of these can be easily solved with these hacks here. Just give them a try for the first time, you will see that they are not only effective but also even extremely safe, economical, and environmentally friendly. Besides, you can make easily a few steps and simple materials such as paper towels, eggshells, plastic forks… To know more details about them, read now below!

    #1 Grow Rose Cuttings In Potatoes

    If you want to help your rose cuttings to survive, potatoes can help. Simply you just need to place the cutting in a potato before you put it in soil, then add some extra moisture from the vegetable. This will help you garden a beautiful rose plant.

    #2 Fit Wine Bottles To Water In Pots

    As you see, this irrigation system will slowly give your plants water as they need. Simply take any screw-top wine bottle and poke a hole through the cap. Fill the bottle up with water and bury the neck upside-down into the soil.

    #3 Use Paper Towels For Watering Plants When Away

    There is a very easy way to water plants when you are on travel, it makes use of paper towels and water-filled jars. It’s easy and you have to merely roll up a few paper towels like ropes and then, put the ends in the jar to soak them with water. Now, dunk one end of the towel into the pot, near your plant. This will keep the soil moist for a long time.

    #4 Make Plant Markers With Broken Pots

    These plant makers like this will help you always remember the name of your plants.

    #5 Plant Mosquito Repelling Plants

    Growing some plants that can repel hated insects from your houses such as lemongrass, catnip, lavender, rosemary, and garlic. They are helpful as these deter these pesky bloodsuckers with their repelling fragrance.

    #6 Protect Your Plants From Pests By Using Eggshells

    The sharp edges of the shells will deter the snails, slugs, and other pests. The shells will serve as the barrier and these pests and will scare insects and pests away from your garden.

    #7 Use Rain Barrel To Collect Water Easily

    This is a great way to save water freely when having heavy rain, you can use water for your plants, even use them in cooking.

    #8 Fertilize Plants With Cooking Water

    Cooking water acts as a natural fertilizer that not everyone knows. It contains essential nutrients and helps your plants grow and propagate nicely. So, from now on, do not throw this cooking water. Instead, use it to water your plants and flowers.

    #9 Use Vinegar To Kill Weeds

    Spray pure white vinegar on your walls or walkways to get rid of weeds. Your garden will look neat and amazing.

    #10 Use Citrus Peels To Grow Seedlings

    The citrus peel is an organic seed starter that you can take advantage of it for seeding young plants. Just poke a small hole at the bottom of the peel for drainage, fill it with a good potting mix, add your seeds and sprinkle some water and when your seedlings are ready or transplanting, just put the seedling, peel and all into the soil. The peel will compost directly in the soil and add further nourishment to the plant as it grows.

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