18 Companion Plants with Cabbage To Promote Growth

18 Companion Plants with Cabbage To Promote Growth

#11 Dill

Dill also happens to be another attraction for beneficial insects. As such, dill helps to repel cabbage moths, worms, and loopers, anything with an appetite to devour many a brassica.

#12 Hyssop

Bees and butterflies are both attracted to hyssop flowers. As an insect repellent, hyssop is repelling cabbage butterflies and cabbage moth larvae, even proclaim that hyssop repels slugs that feed on lettuce and cabbage.

#13 Marigolds

Besides adding a touch of vibrant color to the garden, marigolds are great at suppressing nematodes that attack the roots of plants. They will repel cabbage worms for all members of the cabbage family.

#14 Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums can deter insects of the cabbage family.

#15 Rosemary

Rosemary repels cabbage loopers from all cruciferous vegetables, by smell alone.

#16 Tansy

Tansy being beneficial for your cabbages. It will also help beans, corn, cucumbers, and squash.

#17 Thyme

Thyme works successfully to deter cabbage worms.

#18 Yarrow

Yarrow attracts loads of beneficial insects and can be found buzzing under the fullest sun of the day. The flowers even entice parasitic wasps who, in turn, lay their eggs in cabbage butterfly caterpillars.

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